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csgo2 tiny server plugin system

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Old 10-09-2023 , 01:57   csgo2 tiny server plugin system
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about this project
name: "cs2 server plugin system"
author: "huoji"
description: "a server plugin system for cs2 server,power by lua"
github: https://github.com/huoji120/csgo2_ti..._plugin_system

feature list
1. lua plugin system
2. metamod compatible
3. vscript patch, support vscript plugin and vscript compatible
4. http/https request method


use vs2019 compile csgo2.dll and loader.exe
create a config.json in loader.exe directory:
"servers": [
"dll": "your path in csgo2.dll in vs2019 complie",
"path": "path for cs2.exe",
"command": "cs2.exe server run command"
"servers": [
"dll": "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\loader\\c sgo2.dll",
"path": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\steam\\steamapps\\common\\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\\game\\bin\\win64\\cs2.exe",
"command": "-ip -dedicated -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +mp_maxrounds 30 -maxplayers_override 64 +exec server.cfg +exec gamemode_retakecasual.cfg +map de_dust2 +mp_endmatch_votenextleveltime 20 +mp_endmatch_votenextmap 1 +hostname xxxxxx"
run loader.exe as administrator, cs2 server will start
create huoji_scripts in cs2.exe dirctory
create plugin dirctory name ,like funny_trash is my plugin name
put your own plugin script in you plugin dircory name
Test Plugin
api,plugin example: https://github.com/huoji120/cs2_funny_trash_plugin

This is only experimental, with the aim of filling in the gap before the release of source2mod. Please do not treat it as a long-term plugin, and I will not provide support

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Old 10-09-2023 , 22:33   Re: csgo2 tiny server plugin system
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good job. are you Chinese ?
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Old 10-19-2023 , 05:29   Re: csgo2 tiny server plugin system
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Thanks for sharing, I appreciate you.
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