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How to make episdoe1 plugin load in Linux

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Old 02-06-2012 , 09:04   How to make episdoe1 plugin load in Linux
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I've made a cross platform plug-in that works fine under Windows (Orange box valve (TF, HL2DM), and episode 1 (Fortress forver)).

However, my episode1 plugin does not load under linux, it just gives me this error:
Listing 1 plugin:
  [01] <ERROR>
When I try to get its information, I get this:
meta info 1
Plugin 1 is not loaded.
File: /media/2d9c079a-7c97-4221-98f4-c7f1d713ff1f/HLServer/episode1/fortressforever/addons/my_plugin/bin/my_plugin.so
And when I try to reload it, it gives me:
meta retry 1
Error reloading plugin: [111]
I've made sure I'm linking against the right SDK, just like in Windows (and its HL2SDK original).

If it were giving me at least one line of human readable error, I would have taken that point as lead, but its either error or just a magic number (111) that I cannot understand.

Can some one please highlight what could I be doing wrong?

Thanks for your guidance!

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