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[CSGO/ANY?] RW Polls - Feedback (v1.0 / 23 Oct 2018)

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r3D w0LF
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    A poll/survey plugin to get feedback from your players
    Old Today , 14:57   [CSGO/ANY?] RW Polls - Feedback (v1.0 / 23 Oct 2018)
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    RW Polls
    A plugin aimed to help server administrators decide what's best for the server. A way of bringing you closer to server players

    What does it do?
    This plugin shows a specific set of questions, that you define, to your players. The information is stored in a mysql database and can be viewed on console.
    Furthermore, it also lets your players submit additional feedback by using !feedback

    What do I need?
    • Sourcemod (It has been developed on version 1.9, but should work on 1.8 or 1.7)
    • MySQL database (doesn't work on SQLite, not yet)

    Where do I start from?
    1. If you already have a MySQL database and know how to set things up, then skip to the next step
    2. Go to /addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg and create a new entry which should look sth like:
    3. Upload rwpolls.cfg to /addons/sourcemod/configs/ and edit it to your questions. By default the file contains a question which you may want to remove/replace with yours
    4. Upload rwpolls.smx (click "GET PLUGIN" below) to /addons/sourcemod/plugins/ and restart your server, or a map change can do the trick, or just use this command:
      sm_rcon sm plugins load rwpolls
      and you should be ready to go

    • sm_showpolls - Gets a list of polls/questions and their search id. ROOT access required
    • sm_getpolldata <SEARCHID> - Returns the results of a poll. Use sm_showpolls to get the SEARCHID. ROOT access required
    • sm_feedback <FEEDBACK> - Player command to submit feedback. !feedback /feedback should work aswell. You might want to use an ADS plugin to advertise this command.
    • sm_getfeedbacks <PAGE> - Command to get feedbacks from database. ROOT access required

    • sm_rwpolls_feedback - Enable/Disable feedback feature, by default it is "1" (enabled)
    • sm_rwpolls_feedbacktime - Minimum time in seconds needed to submit a feedback. I don't recommend you set this too low as players can spam the command. Default is "300" (equal to 5 minutes)

    Adding new polls
    Below is the default rwpolls.cfg, which you may want to modify.

    "start" and "retry" are reserved keys for poll settings.

    "start" value determines when the vote should start after the player has connected (in seconds), needs to be different for each poll to prevent conflicts between polls

    "retry" value determines whether a vote should run if it failed or some conditions were not met (accepts only yes or no)

    Other keys are the options, the key acts like an ID (and is saved in database) and the value is the option that is sent to the player. The key should be unique among all questions.

    So, adding a new poll which starts after 1 minute looks like:

    Additional screenshots

    • There is a maximum of 10 polls at a time, and 10 options per poll. However I DO NOT RECOMMEND you add more than 6 options per poll. Why? Because there are is a maximum of 6 items in a menu per page, which means the other items/options will be on the other page, which a player wont bother to switch to, thus resulting in "fake" data.
    • Don't use a low "start" value, I don't recommend any values below 30. 60+ should be fine (depending on question)
    • Make it a question, don't make it too long, same goes for the options
    • Keep question IDs unique
    • Even tho there is a cvar to use SQLite, it is non-functional, the reason is that I haven't tested whether the queries are compatible with SQLite or not.
    • This plugin should in (my) theory work on other sourcemod servers, if you do test it, please let me know so I can update this to any game
    It is my first ever plugin for sourcemod, or any game ever, so any feedback would be appreciated.

    This plugin has been entirely developed on a working online server, during which time there have been 573+ unique genuine votes.
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