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[ANY] Player Analytics

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Old 07-04-2017 , 03:41   Re: [ANY] Player Analytics
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Originally Posted by Jillchang View Post
If there is any way to show mysql data of city's or state's of this plugin into a map by city or state for this web portal, please do. I'm willing to pay if needed.
Use this
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Old 10-05-2017 , 10:19   Re: [ANY] Player Analytics
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Hey guys, I was having the same AJAX error that everyone else was having when attempting to use the Players or Staff tabs (Error that sent you here: https://datatables.net/manual/tech-notes/7) and figured out a solution, so I wanted to share.

For starters, it appears the file /inc/server_processing.php was causing a 404 error, which in turn made DataTables put off an error. The datatables.net page that it links to does not really offer a solution, only ideas to point you in a direction. So I searched for why a php file that exists would put off a 404 error, which indicates a file does not exist. Apparently, the problem here is occurring because the server_processing.php file is creating a URL that is longer than stock web hosting setups allows (you can see this insanely long URL by looking at the developer tab in your browser).


*Please note that I have only tested this in IIS on Windows 2012 R2.

Microsoft IIS Page for referencing Information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/iis...requestLimits/

1. Go to IIS Manager, select your domain
2. Go into "Request Filtering"
3. On the right side, select "Edit Feature Settings"
4. At first, my defaults were shown as:

Allow Unlisted File name extensions: Checked
Allow Unlisted verbs: Checked
Allowed high-bit characters: Checked
Allow double escaping:: unchecked

Maximum allowed content length (bytes): 30000000
Maximum URL Length (bytes): 4096
Maximum String Length (bytes): 2048
I doubled the last two lines, changing them to the following:

Maximum URL Length (bytes): 8192
Maximum String Length (bytes): 4096
I am no longer receiving the AJAX error and all pages are functioning correctly. This is on AChaosCoder's version, but this fix should also work on Sinclair's version as well, since it's putting out the same error.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can do this same thing a bit more simply by going into your web.config file and adding the following:

                <requestLimits maxUrl="8192" maxQueryString="4096" />
Hopefully this will help some people who are having the problem. Thank you to Dr.Mckay, Sinclair, ChaosCoder, and everyone else who has helped contribute to this awesome plugin.
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Old 10-29-2017 , 23:36   Re: [ANY] Player Analytics
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Originally Posted by Stropy View Post
Use this
Is that one different from the one I'm using? The one I use only shows by country not by state or city like I need.
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