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help make the plugin send demo recording post request

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Old 01-12-2019 , 15:29   help make the plugin send demo recording post request
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I am new to this, I can not find ready examples.
my code:

public Action Command_Push_Demo(args){
	decl String:sDemoFile[PLATFORM_MAX_PATH], String:toURL[192];
	if (args < 2)
		PrintToServer("[POST] error. ");
		return Plugin_Handled;	
	GetCmdArg(1, sDemoFile, sizeof(sDemoFile));
	GetCmdArg(2, toURL, sizeof(toURL));
	Handle file = OpenFile(sDemoFile,"r");
	if(file == INVALID_HANDLE)
		PrintToServer("[POST] WARNING - %s not found", sDemoFile);
	System2HTTPRequest request = new System2HTTPRequest(HttpResponseCallback, "http://example.com/recieverdemoscript"); 
	//I do not have enough knowledge here
	PrintToServer("sending %s to %s ",sDemoFile, toURL);
return Plugin_Handled;	
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Old 01-13-2019 , 09:51   Re: help make the plugin send demo recording post request
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i don't think you told us everything we need to know ! is this plugin sending demo from the host , or the player it self ?

for players i dont think you can do this even with fake commands because of the limits :-? so ....

for host , https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=223024

PHP Code:
SteamTools is the simplest.

SendRequest() {
HTTPRequestHandle:request Steam_CreateHTTPRequest(HTTPMethod_POST"http://www.example.com"); // Create the HTTP request
Steam_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request"herp""derp"); // Set post param "herp" value to "derp"
Steam_SendHTTPRequest(requestOnRequestComplete); // Send the request

OnRequestComplete(HTTPRequestHandle:requestbool:successfulHTTPStatusCode:status) {
decl String:response[1024];
Steam_GetHTTPResponseBodyData(requestresponsesizeof(response)); // Get the response from the server
Steam_ReleaseHTTPRequest(request); // Close the handle

did you try this ?


Check this too !


Upload a file to a FTP server:

PHP Code:
System2FTPRequest ftpRequest = new System2FTPRequest(FtpResponseCallback"ftp://example.com/test.txt");
ftpRequest.AppendToFile true;
ftpRequest.CreateMissingDirs false;

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