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[Paid request] Dynamic point system (Influx timer)

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Old 01-11-2019 , 15:28   [Paid request] Dynamic point system (Influx timer)
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I need an experienced sourcepawn coder to create a dynamic point system for influx timer (this timer has forwards to make this an easier job than expected). I also want a WRCP plugin (stage times) created for influx. The WRCP plugin will have top times just like WR does, and will be able to be replayed through the record bot.

A few key points I want the dynamic point system to have:
  • Server ranks based on percentile (top 10% has a certain tag while top 20% has a different tag)
  • Calculations for map points taking into account percentile as well for amount of points rewarded with a multiplier for the map tier.
  • Top10 times have an increased multiplier.
  • either config file or stored in mysql database which maps are which tier
  • recalculate player rank on completion of map and/or onclientconnect
  • Separate server ranks and point pool for different styles (auto, legit, lowgrav)
  • Small amount of points rewarded for stage completions and more points for top10 in stage
  • Completion times calculated with consideration of map completions and non-completions (This could be from how many players attempted the map but failed past average completion time)
Last statement comes from a percentile system wouldn't dynamically reward very many points for very hard maps

Please PM me your discord tag if you wish to take on this project and we can talk pricing
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