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[CSGO] Change dmg with cvar

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Old 08-04-2022 , 06:34   [CSGO] Change dmg with cvar
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I would like to ask some help about this.
How could I equal the static damage value to cvar variable?

PHP Code:
public Action Event_OnTakeDamage(int victimint &attackerint &inflictorfloat &damageint &damagetype

    if (!
attacker || attacker MaxClients || !IsClientInGame(attacker)) 
char sWeapon[32]; 
StrContains(sWeapon"fists"false) != -1
        if (
g_iClientFistPhase[attacker] % == 0)     damage 40.0;
damage 40.0;

Thank you for advices!

Script from https://forums.alliedmods.net/showth...25#post2730825

Actually what I'd like to do is merge these plugins and add a cvar for change fistsdmg:
Change fists dmg

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