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Players Drop Money v1.7 [UPDATED]

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   General Purpose        Approver:   Emp` (115)
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Old 03-23-2008 , 14:38   Players Drop Money v1.7 [UPDATED]
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Players Drop Money 1.7
Updated and Fully Working!
Download THE new zip file!

This is my second submission here. This plugin adds more realism to Counter-Strike. When a player dies it drops the money instead of just adding money to the killer. Every player can collect the money. Sorry for the model. I'm not a good modeler/skinner. So if you can make/find a better Skin - go ahead. I searched, but i didn't find a plugin like this. I hope noone did make this before.

amx_dropmoney <1/0> (on/off) (default: 1)
<1/2/3/4/5> (Player drops the amount of money you've set in amx_dropamount, Player drops half of his money, player drops random money, chooses a random money amount from 3 numbers, chooses a random number between 2 numbers) (default: 2)
amx_dropamount <0-16000> (How much money players will drop - ONLY if you're using 1. Dropping method!) (default: 300)
amx_droprandom <"1 2 3"> (Money amounts who are chosen random on player death, only if you use dropmethod 4!) (example - "200 900 1200") (default: "300 500 700")
amx_droprandomnums <"1 2">(2 Numbers, the amount of moneydropped from player will be chosen between these 2 numbers, ONLY if drop method is 5) (default: "300 7500")
amx_moneyfade <1/0> (on/off) (When you collect money - screen fades green for 1 second)(default: 1)
amx_playerdrop <1/0> (on/off) (Can player drop money while having knife in his hands)
<0-16000> (How much player will drop, if amx_playerdrop is On) (default: 1000)
amx_moneysound <1/0> (on/off) (When you pick up a money pile,you'll hear a sound) (default: 1)
amx_moneydivide <number>(Only if using dropmethod 2, it'll dividevictims money with this number) (default: 2)
amx_dropforce <number>(With how much force you'll drop moneywhen pressing G button, only if playerdrop is 1) (default: 10)

#include <amxmodx>
#include <fakemeta>
You can change the model if you wan't, but be sure to share your model with us.
new model[] = "models/w_money_new.mdl"
Change "models/w_money_new.mdl" to whatever your path to your model is.
I'm not really good at scripting, so you can suggest how to optimize this plugin.

Drop System
As you can see i have made a new drop system. I'm writing this because i think i didn't really explain how it works. Ok, lets say you're using drop method 2, you have $7000 and you get killed. You'll drop $3500(4 money piles). Because, each of 3 piles will contain $1000 and the 4th will contain $500. I hope for those who didn't get it reading the changelog, i have explained good enough.

Lately i have added a sound when you pickup money. If you're not satisfied with the sound i used, you can change it. Just open source(.sma) and change "money/money_sound.wav" with whatever the path to yoursound file is. You'll need the include file "money_ul", you can download it from the same place you downloaded Unlimited Money. Don't forget to compile it! ;)

Sorry, if my english isn't really good.
Thanks to all, who have helped me with my plugins!

Just made a new model. It's not really good, but better than the first one. But if you can make a better one, go ahead!

To DO list:
*Add a new drop method:
>>>money that player drops is smaller than/larger than NUMBER.
*Fixed some glitches with some maps
*Added a cvar to change some options in dropmethod 2, see above
*Added a cvar to change the force when dropping money with knife
*Added support for Unlimited Money(Just download pdm_ul, instead of pdm)
*Fixed the glitch when the player who kills - still gets $300
*Added a new cvar to control money picking sound.
*Added sound when you pick up money piles.
*Fixed the drop system(when you drop with knife) now money drops in the direction in you're aiming.
*Fixed some glitches with picking money up.
*Added another method(Random Money between 2 numbers)
*Now you can drop money with G(the button you drop weapons) while you have knife in your hands.
*Fixed some bugs with money
*Added a new effect - Screen Fade(green)
*Player drops more money piles.(Player money amount/1000)
*Money doesn't always fall in one place.(Added velocity when the money is dropped)
*Dropped money faces a random direction.(Random Angles)
*Fixed the possibility that player can get more than $16000
*If player has $16000, they can't pick up money piles
*Fixed the bug when you can't pick up money sometimes (Thanks to X-olent for help)
*Using switch instead of IF/ELSE
*Added a new method - random money(chooses a random money amount between 3 numbers)(thanks to Havoc for the suggestion)
*Fixed problems with On/Off Cvar
*Made a new money model
*Removed Cstrike module(using XxAvalanchexX Stocks instead)
*Added a new money dropping method(random money drop)
*Now you can change the amount of money you want victim to drop(1. Method)
*Initial Release

NEW ScreenShots:
Attached Files
File Type: zip pdm.zip (13.3 KB, 13966 views)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (pdm.sma - 19188 views - 7.4 KB)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (pdm_ul.sma - 12368 views - 7.3 KB)

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Old 03-23-2008 , 16:34   Re: Players Drop Money
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Diddnt atambo make something like this? I remember a money bag from the dead that you could pick up. Ill have to find it.

Edit: Ahh, yes Auto Loot the Dead Although, its a smidgen different, with a few extras.

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Old 03-23-2008 , 16:56   Re: Players Drop Money
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Nice idea! Can you post any screenshot with money model? Thanks!
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Old 03-23-2008 , 17:33   Re: Players Drop Money
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I didn't know there something like this, but this one is different. And i thought i wasn't made =/. Damn. Anyway i can't post screens right now.
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Old 03-23-2008 , 23:00   Re: Players Drop Money
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There is another plugin that exists which is similar to this: http://cs-utilz.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=194. But I'm sure I can try to make you a good money model.
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Old 03-24-2008 , 06:02   Re: Players Drop Money
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I like the model at least.
Add some more futures and this one should be approved instead of the old one.
Considering you using fakemeta instead of fun and engine like he.
You can remove the cstrike module if you use some stocks heer by
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Old 03-24-2008 , 07:30   Re: Players Drop Money
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Old 03-24-2008 , 07:36   Re: Players Drop Money
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if(!ison) ?
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Old 03-24-2008 , 07:57   Re: Players Drop Money
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EDIT: Just made a new model XD

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Old 03-24-2008 , 10:13   Re: Players Drop Money
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Screenshots please?
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