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Hosting server

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Old 08-19-2023 , 23:47   Hosting server
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Hello AlliedModders,

1.What base HLDS should I use for VPS Linux and from where do I install it?

2.Does PLUGINS make the server lagging?

3.How do I boost FPS in servers?

4.How do I generally avoid lagging on the server?

* Wondering how many servers I can run using this vps config?

Ryzen 7 3800X
2 VCore processor
at 4.50 Ghz
4 GB memory
50 GB SSD Storage
1Gbps network
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Old 08-20-2023 , 06:24   Re: Hosting server
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There are many factors that play a role to how it will perform. You will have to experiment your way to what suits you.

Which game/mod, maps, what kind of plugins, and what CPU (single core speed is the most important part). These are the ones that needs to be taken into consideration regarding performance.
Regarding plugins: Depends on which functions the plugins use. The ones using Think() functions frequently, such as: constant set_task(0,1...), loops, Pre- & PostThink() hooks, StartFrame(), AllToFullPack(), etc. will build up CPU tension (causing lag). If you have scripting knowledge, optimize them if you can.

From my experience, GoldSrc is not so VPS friendly with a modded 22+ player slot game server. The best virtualization from my experience to host game servers on is HVM Xen.
The absolute best option performance-wise is going to be the expensive one - a dedicated server. I had enough of feeling embarrassed when it lagged for my community for the past 4 years so I expanded from VPS to dedicated servers last year. The less layers (closer to bare metal), the better. Not experiencing any lag issues any longer (and my game servers are heavily modded) even if at some occasions it gets hectic and the latency goes up, my players don't feel any negative impact to the gameplay.

Plenty of guides how to boost FPS in this forum.
I personally go with -pingboost 2 (if the game/mod supports it) and fps_max & sys_ticrate 128, 256, or 500 (depending on the game/mod). That's it.
Some (very few) make Kernel adjustments. I have not noticed any "WOW!"-type of improvements by doing this so I stick to the stock OS image.

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Old 08-20-2023 , 15:03   Re: Hosting server
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Originally Posted by FonixPro20 View Post
1.What base HLDS should I use for VPS Linux and from where do I install it?
There is only one proper way to install HLDS and it's via SteamCMD.
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Old 08-20-2023 , 20:40   Re: Hosting server
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use reHLDS

Originally Posted by DreamStalker
Engine: stock HLDS vs ReHLDS with pedantic optimizations
A pack of ReHLDS optimizations gives 65% to 110% (usually around 90%) performance gain.
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