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Entity movement in HL2.

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Old 07-23-2022 , 23:48   Entity movement in HL2.
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Hello everyone.
The TeleportEntity function is not supported in half-life 2, the error is:

Can't create physics object for models/...................../base.mdl
L 07/24/2022 - 12:39:35: [SM] Exception reported: "Teleport" not supported by this mod
L 07/24/2022 - 12:39:35: [SM] Blaming: plugin.smx
L 07/24/2022 - 12:39:35: [SM] Call stack trace:
L 07/24/2022 - 12:39:35: [SM] [0] TeleportEntity
If this function is not supported, how to move an object to HL2?
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Old 07-24-2022 , 12:16   Re: Entity movement in HL2.
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SetEntPropVector(client, Prop_Send, "m_vecOrigin", fPos);
but if at the time of using the function the player is not standing, then teleportation will not occur =(

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