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[CS:GO] Invalid arguments in hooked function

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Old 07-15-2021 , 19:01   [CS:GO] Invalid arguments in hooked function
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I'm trying to hook this function:
INetChannel:rocessPacket( struct netpacket_s* packet, bool bHasHeader )

Here is my code:
PHP Code:
INetChannelpNetChan static_cast<INetChannel*>(engine->GetPlayerNetInfo(Index()));
processPacketHookId_ SH_ADD_HOOK_MEMFUNC(INetChannelProcessPacketpNetChanthis, &CPlayer::ProcessPackettrue);

void CPlayer::ProcessPacket(struct netpacket_spacketbool bHasHeader )

The hook works, but the arguments contain junk data. If I call packet->message the server crashes.
I found this source code in the SDK:
PHP Code:
void CNetChan::ProcessPacketnetpacket_t packetbool bHasHeader 
Here is how this function looks in ida:
PHP Code:
int __cdecl sub_28CBC0(int a1int a2char a3
This is how bf_read position is set in this function:
PHP Code:
bf_read &msg packet->message;    // handy shortcut
The same in IDA:
PHP Code:
v51 a2 48;
sub_314FF0(a2 480);
v3 = *(_DWORD *)(a1 196); 
If I'm correct with my undrestending, it takes the second argument from the function, that is netpacket_s* packet, then it gets the buffer from the netpacket_s* (which is at offset 48 ).

In inetchannel.h second argument is bool and bf_read offset is 32
Can it be that INetChannel and netpacket_s are incorrect in the SDK, if yes, where can I get the correct header?

UPD, I placed 4 dummy integers at the begining of netpacket_s structure, and now I can access bf_read, however all the other variables are a mistery and the bool argument in the function is incorrect.

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Old 10-23-2021 , 16:13   Re: [CS:GO] Invalid arguments in hooked function
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