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[CS:GO] Call a function with variable argument

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Old 05-30-2021 , 12:55   [CS:GO] Call a function with variable argument
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I need to call this function:
void CBaseServer::SetReservationCookie( uint64 uiCookie, char const *pchReasonFormat, ... )

I have this working detour:
PHP Code:
DETOUR_DECL_MEMBER3(SetReservationCookieDetourvoiduint64uiCookiechar const *,pchReasonFormatunsigned longarg )

I use DETOUR_MEMBER_MCALL_CALLBACK to call this function. So far I tried passing va_list reference, directly or a link to an empty va_list. Tried to pass 0 or remove the argument. It always leads to crashes.

PHP Code:
    va_list empty_va_list va_list();
What is the correct way to call this function?

In the leaked sources this function is called in 3 places:
PHP Code:
SetReservationCookienReservationCookie"ReplyReservationRequest" );
SetReservationCookieuiReservationCookie"ReserveServerForQueuedGame: %s"szReservationPayload );
SetReservationCookie( *m_pnReservationCookieSession"[R] Connect from %s"ns_address_renderadr ).String() ); 

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Old 05-31-2021 , 13:14   Re: [CS:GO] Call a function with variable argument
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Varargs functions have a different calling convention from regular functions, and it doesn't look like CDetour implements any straightforward support for them (SourceHook does, in the form of the _vafmt suffixed macros).
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