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REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)

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Old 10-04-2021 , 18:18   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)
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can i use it with sv_hibernate_when_empty 1?
(plugin !stickers)
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Old 12-04-2021 , 16:48   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)
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Hi, please add "GetDataType". Thanks <3
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Old 01-25-2022 , 16:03   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)
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Does anyone know how I can convert this "[[["Hola","hello",null,null,10]],null,"en",null,null,null,null,[]]" to "Hola" using #include <ripext> ?

Handle CreateRequest(char[] input, char[] target)
    Handle request = SteamWorks_CreateHTTPRequest(k_EHTTPMethodGET, "http://translate.googleapis.com/translate_a/single");
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request, "client", "gtx");
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request, "dt", "t");    
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request, "sl", "auto");//from en default, so you might wanna add this param too to modify.
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request, "tl", target);//to desired.. target language
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestGetOrPostParameter(request, "q", input);//input text

    //final url would be something like this  https://translate.googleapis.com/tra...&tl=es&q=hello
    //response example [[["Hola","hello",null,null,10]],null,"en",null,null,null,null,[]]  so we need to parse json on Callback_OnHTTPResponse >  JSON.parse(response)[0][0][0] = Hola
    Handle datapack = CreateDataPack();
    WritePackString(datapack, target);
    WritePackString(datapack, input);

    SteamWorks_SetHTTPRequestContextValue(request, datapack);
    SteamWorks_SetHTTPCallbacks(request, Callback_OnHTTPResponse);
    return request;

public int Callback_OnHTTPResponse(Handle request, bool bFailure, bool bRequestSuccessful, EHTTPStatusCode eStatusCode, Handle datapack)
	if (!bRequestSuccessful || eStatusCode != k_EHTTPStatusCode200OK)

	int iBufferSize;
	SteamWorks_GetHTTPResponseBodySize(request, iBufferSize);

	char[] result = new char[iBufferSize];
	SteamWorks_GetHTTPResponseBodyData(request, result, iBufferSize);
	delete request;
	char target[3], input[255];
	ReadPackString(datapack, target, 3);
	ReadPackString(datapack, input, 255);

	PrintToServer(result); // = [[["Hola","hello",null,null,10]],null,"en",null,null,null,null,[]]

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Old 08-10-2022 , 15:11   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)
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hello, I was trying to create a header through ripext on a test site but nothing happens I don't know why, has anyone created a header and did it work? do we have to give some permission or create code type in index.php? to work?
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Old 11-17-2022 , 23:59   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/06/06)
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Originally Posted by digin View Post
i don't know why but after i move to my new VPS the PUT think is not working, always return HTTPStatus_Invalid = 0.

My Old VPS : Plesk Panel (PHP 7.4.20 + Server API FPM/FastCGI)
My New VPS : Cyberpanel (PHP 7.4.20 + Server API LiteSpeed V7.9)

"REST in Pawn" (1.2.3) by Tsunami: Provides HTTP and JSON natives for plugins

i test with Postman it's working, but the plugin always return HTTPStatus_Invalid = 0.

anyone experiencing the same thing?
I am facing with same issue. Does anyone found a way to fix it?
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Old 03-21-2023 , 16:03   Re: REST in Pawn 1.3 - HTTP client for JSON REST APIs (Updated 2021/08/22)
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amazing, thx
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Old 07-18-2023 , 09:22   Re: REST in Pawn Code Examples
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Originally Posted by DJ Tsunami View Post

Retrieve an item

PHP Code:
#include <sourcemod>
#include <ripext>

public void OnPluginStart()
HTTPRequest request = new HTTPRequest("https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/1");


void OnTodoReceived(HTTPResponse responseany value)
    if (
response.Status != HTTPStatus_OK) {
// Failed to retrieve todo

// Indicate that the response contains a JSON object
JSONObject todo view_as<JSONObject>(response.Data);

char title[256];

PrintToServer("Retrieved todo with title '%s'"title);

This isn't working. it's not even sending the http request. The function OnTodoReceived is called but with a Null response. The HTTP request is not even reaching the server. The extension on the server is running.

edit: The (php-) api (using get paramters) is working. I was able to call it with the Steamworks extention as well. But I need the Json decoding on the response.

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