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request: A comprensive repository of server/crash/exploit fixes (plugins)

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Old 10-29-2023 , 09:20   request: A comprensive repository of server/crash/exploit fixes (plugins)
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I wonder if somebody manages or archives a good list of plugins that fixes server exploit fixes. I'm especially concerned about the issues that causes server to crash. We have the infamous spray exploits that crash servers, and it seems like this is always an ongoing battle, as ppl come up with different ways to exploit this. We have flood exploits..

Especially in l4d1 some exploits aren't fixed by valve anymore and searching for plugins is hit & miss sometimes.
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Old 10-29-2023 , 10:43   Re: request: A comprensive repository of server/crash/exploit fixes (plugins)
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For the spray exploit use silvers fix


Silvers took care of that long time ago.

And as always I would advice to install vote manager, that will disable bugkick/forcekick/glitch kick etc


If you don't wanna do that you can disable sm_status and other commands that show the players ID. There was another one showing the ID but I forgot which one. Oh wait listplayers was it. Might wanna block spec_goto also.


Or Block votes during connect


Prevent players to create the double tank exploit.


On servers with unlimited team switch, you can create a large number of infected bots.

On special spots, you can cause instant death of survivors by spawning infected on deadly places, both fixed here.


To prevent trolling with water jumps, you can disable the jump swimming glitch.


For some cheats you might wanna try anticvarcheat


And ofc lilac


Hope that helps.

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Old 10-29-2023 , 15:11   Re: request: A comprensive repository of server/crash/exploit fixes (plugins)
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The [TUT] SourcePawn Scripting - Tips, Basics to Advanced thread lists a bunch of fixes etc, including L4D/2 specific ones.
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