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metamod not loading on garry's mod server

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Old 12-28-2016 , 15:31   metamod not loading on garry's mod server
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I recently became solely responsible for a Garry's Mod server, and I have been trying to increase the quality of the game servers by adding things such as sourcebans and neuron's admin panel. I have sourcebans up and running on the webserver, but I cannot for the life of me get metamod and sourcemod to work on the servers to allow for sourceban integration on them. I have been trying to successfully implement this for about a week now, and nothing I have done has worked.

Yes, I am using the correct files for my OS (linux).
Yes, I have read and reread the installation steps.
Yes, I have done clean installs (multiple times).
Yes, I have tried older versions of metamod and sourcemod.
Yes, I have the .vdf file in the addons folder and not the /addons/metamod folder
Yes, I have tried to make my own .vdf file using "..garrysmod/addons/metamod/bin/server" since the normal .vdf file causes a segmentation fault. The custom .vdf stops the segmentation fault on my server, but then does not result in metamod working or loading. (i.e. meta is still an unknown command)
Yes, I have edited the gameinfo.txt file to include GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin.

Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated
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Old 12-28-2016 , 15:40   Re: metamod not loading on garry's mod server
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Isn't there a lua version?
There shouldn't be any real reason to load sourcemod or metamod onto garry's mod as most of the extensions are not setup for garry's version of the source engine.
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Old 12-28-2016 , 16:03   Re: metamod not loading on garry's mod server
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Metamod and SourceMod do not currently support Garry's Mod.
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