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The XS Library - Port from AMXX to SM

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Old 11-04-2019 , 14:41   The XS Library - Port from AMXX to SM
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The XS (eXtended Small) stocks library for AMX / AMXX (ported by me to SM) provides some useful stock functions for your plugins.
These include: Debugging / Logging, Math (basics, vectors, planes), a random number generator, an anglevectors function, string manipulation functions, and more.

Also, utility functions that can be included into the library are always welcome too. You will get full credit of course.

NOTE: I didn't test weather or not there are any errors on the inc file since it's just an AMXX conversion and I haven't used it's functions yet. (e. g. if plug-ins can compile at all using these functions). Please feel free to check it out and if you find any issues you can correct them and send me an updated file to re-upload.

I've also added a few more functions from AMXX that were unavailable on SourceMod, such as the strtok function, clamp et cetera.

Have fun with it!

Download here:

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