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[REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension

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Old 06-09-2021 , 23:05   [REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension
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I would like to know if someone from sourcemod is working on a scripting program that uses a graphical user interface such as the world editor of a game that I know is warcraft 3.

The main difference of this is that the users (community) could do scripting more easily and therefore there would be more movement of scripting in the forum.
The facility that this war3 world editor has is that users do not have the need to write the codes, because they will already be preset within the editor itself just to click and choose the options (mostly).

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Old 07-21-2021 , 21:28   Re: [REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension
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It would also help me a lot to handle scripting more easily

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Old 07-22-2021 , 02:39   Re: [REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension
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Read, search, try, learn, practise.

You can find web pages and videos, how to do simple coding. (C++, Java, python ...)
All coding languages have differences, so do SourcePawn.

It is easier start coding with SourceMod plugins. https://sm.alliedmods.net/new-api/
You can look and read others dev's plugin source code.
You can make source file with simple text editor and compile plugin into server and test, see result.

This not sound nice advise but I suggest you to use more brain and not fall into too-simple-programs.
When I started practise, I only knew little bit <html> coding.
Now after ten years, I know little bit SourcePawn and <html> coding.

...or wait when somebody build that kind GUI-program.
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Old 07-25-2021 , 16:07   Re: [REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension
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I would like a new program like this because it is simpler than coding each part of the code
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Old 07-25-2021 , 23:48   Re: [REQ] Sourcemod scripting plugin Extension
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Google's Blockly library may be worth looking into if someone is interested in developing this.

I definitely think there's a bit of value for newbies in building their ideas without having to think about getting the syntax right for the compiler.
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