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[CSGO] Ragequit plugin help

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Old 01-24-2020 , 14:48   [CSGO] Ragequit plugin help
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Hello there, first of all thank you for checking my post, i also wanna let u guys know that im new in the am community

So im trying to find a solution in this problem :

I am trying to use this plugin at csgo https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1006640

I tested suicide ( i know it says been killed by ).
I tested to actually kill a friend and he disconnected.
I even changed some of the code from what i saw in am forum :

Cause the plugin is kinda old i saw that valve changed the sound play system, but they found a walkarround, so the old code was like

g_hCvarSound = CreateConVar("sm_ragequit_sound", "ragequit/ragequit.mp3", "Path to the sound file to play (relative to the \"sound\" folder)", 0);
i changed it to

g_hCvarSound = CreateConVar("sm_ragequit_sound", "play ragequit/ragequit.mp3", "Path to the sound file to play (relative to the \"sound\" folder)", 0);
still didnt worked, even though that if i use the
"play ragequit/ragequit.mp3"
on another plugin like this

public OnPluginStart()  
    RegConsoleCmd("sm_rquit", Play_Sound); // type !sound in chat console

public Action:Play_Sound(client, args)
    ClientCommand(client, "play ragequit/ragequit.mp3"); // working example playing sound to client
it works perfectly.

So my final guess is that it does not register the death + disconect action as it should do.

I tryed search so i can learn and fix it on my own, but i really couldnt understand a thing that i needed to do XD

So i would like to request if someone is kind enough to help here

Thanks for your time and sorry if i posted it in the wrong spot
(Also sorry for bad english, im not that good )

Im uploading the .sp files as well for everyone that wants them
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