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Knife/HideNSeek vs Capture The Flag mod

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Old 04-22-2018 , 12:58   Knife/HideNSeek vs Capture The Flag mod
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Hey guys! I just got an idea of mixing Knife and HideNSeek with Capture The Flag mod. Like only a simple plugin with team red, blue, flags, respawn and spawnprotection (like the other CTF mods). Not any gun menu though. Also an option to strip the flagcarriers weapon so that he has to avoid being knifed by the other team while taking the flag back to his base (by tricking and such like in HideNSeek). It would also be alot like in ka maps with knife battles between those who want to protect and kill the flagcarrier.

Maybe some cvars to enable/disable different weapons and grenades that everyone starts with so it could be used for other mods too (nothing needed for this one though).

Another thought is a cvar that set how much hp the flagcarrier would get and how much hp everyone respawns with (like if you want to play 1 or 35 hp maps).

Since I'm not such a good scripter myself I thought atleast I could share my thoughts. Atm I have not so much time to learn else I would try to do it myself.

Feel free to come up with more ideas and maybe someone wants to create a plugin like this, who knows!

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Old 04-24-2018 , 15:03   Re: Knife/HideNSeek vs Capture The Flag mod
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Anyone knows how to just adjust this plugin:


So that the flagcarriers weapons incl knife disappears but when he drops it or capture the flag he will get the weapons back?

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