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FF2 [Boss Port] V1 for FF2-Rewrite

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Old 07-24-2022 , 20:42   [Boss Port] V1 for FF2-Rewrite
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So i was bored, and i talked a bit with DanishSoup (soup of danish) about porting some of his bosses to rewrite
Some of his bosses had abilities that, due to AMS (ff2_sarysapub and its ability management system) code, broke on rewrite.
However, this isn't the case for his V1 boss.

Please note that this is my first (non-private) FF2-Rewrite config. I may have done something wrong, but tell me so i can fix the download asap "

Changes (forgot to list most of them after finishing the post):
1. Weightdown isn't instant anymore due to ff2_otokiru_wc3 breaking on rewrite, now it uses dynamic weightdown.
2. Dash recharge cooldown buffed from 30 to 10 seconds
3. P gained per point of damage dealt buffed from 20 to 22
4. Menu cooldowns were generally lowered
5. All of his weapons do slightly more damage

Most of his abilities are still the same, however, he has a small ability rework + a new weapon...

New weapon:
Rocket Launcher!
Has 1 clip, 2 ammo, does 135 DMG at all ranges on direct hit. Always crits, projectile moves +20% faster and has +35% blast radius.
Costs 30000 P.

Parry Rework:
Now, instead of being a buyable from his PDA, the parry is a HUD ability that V1 can activate with E every 10 seconds.
Upon activation, grants V1 a 1 second reflect, a 1.5s anti-kb effect and a 1 second speedboost to 450HU/s.

Required Subplugins (convert to .smx):
1. ffsamu_airdash (edit of ff2_airdash by me, includes a HUD + blocks the powerup drop exploit. already on the ZIP folder tho)
2. ff2_grapplehookplus
3. m7_abilities_extended
4. ffalex_finalpack
5. ff2_dynamic_defaults
6. ffbat_menu_abilities

Credits to DanishSoup for the original V1 Boss and for helping me with the rocket launcher.
(V1 is from ULTRAKILL)
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File Type: zip V1-FF2R.zip (16.56 MB, 252 views)

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