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bots & serverbrowser wrong maxplayers displayed

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Old 09-04-2020 , 17:22   bots & serverbrowser wrong maxplayers displayed
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Hi. I have a deathmatch server where bots play on till there is a certain amount of players. Its a 16 slot server. While beeing alone on the server with a certein amount of bots, the server displays on the ingame serverbrowser soemthing like 1/10 players, so i tried to fix this with following commands.

rcon sv_visiblemaxplayers 27
host_players_show 2
host_info_show 2
sv_hibernate_when_empty 1
bot_quota 12
bot_quota_mode fill

But now the server displays, when empty, that it is a 27 slot server (0/27). Is there a way to fix this?

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Old 09-07-2020 , 09:38   Re: bots & serverbrowser wrong maxplayers displayed
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remove rcon sv_visiblemaxplayers 27
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Old 09-09-2020 , 05:45   Re: bots & serverbrowser wrong maxplayers displayed
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Only way your "fix" would work is if u change the sv_visiblemaxplayers every time a bot joins/leaves.

Its a serverbrowser bug. Its only a visual bug tho.

If you have a 16 slot server and a bot joins, it shows 15 slots in the browser. So to fix this you would need to increase the sv_visiblemaxplayers with +1 for each bot that joins and -1 for each bot that leaves.

I havent tested this, but it might work?
This could ofc mess with any reserved slot plugins or anything else based of the slots.

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