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Unjustly banned from discord

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Join Date: Apr 2019
Old 08-27-2020 , 18:01   Unjustly banned from discord

As so far my problem has not been solved I will post here to see if anyone can solve it

I was recently banned on the AlliedMods discord in a bad way
because a guy named "thEsp" said I was asking for help on the discord, he didn't even know what it was about or even checked the plugin itself, just accused me unfairly

So asherkin also not knowing anything banned me for that reason

I use steam since 2010 until today I try to recover my account from 8 years ago

my server and steam, my admins and steam

then could someone solve my problem on discord?
of course punish "thEsp" in some way for making a false accusation

I contacted asherkin but got no response ...

I will pass any information to responsible administrators
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Old 08-28-2020 , 01:26   Re: Unjustly banned from discord

I assume you asked help for a Non-Steam plugin. Did you asked that guy privately or publicly in AlliedMods Discord? Because if you asked him privately, I don't understand how it led you to a ban.
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Old 08-28-2020 , 04:32   Re: Unjustly banned from discord

Recklessly writing spam and asking help for non-steam shit. Nobody is your robot there.
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Old 08-31-2020 , 01:32   Re: Unjustly banned from discord

Originally Posted by yRestrict View Post
Important and my goal was never to ask for no-steam support within the discord of allied modders [...]
From AlliedModders Rules:

Originally Posted by AlliedModders Rules
Steam Cracks
  • You do not need to own the game on Steam to participate in these forums. However, publicizing violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) will result in a ban. This includes...
    • Linking to sites that are targeted toward cracking Steam or circumventing its copyright protection.
    • Asking for support against cracked or illegitimate versions of Steam, either directly or via evidence in your request.
    • Mentioning that you, or promoting the act of, cracking Steam or circumventing its copyright protection.
    • Promoting the running of "no-steam" servers, or publicizing that you run such servers.
Rank Flag Capture, ... doesn't seem to indicate that it is the first time that you are caught with your hands in the cookie jar?

These rules were also existing in 2009, - see this link.

Continuous violations of the AlliedModders Rules (which are always relevant, regardless which way you are using to communicate with AlliedModders) cannot be recommended, if you really want to stay on AlliedModders.

Regarding your title, ... "Unjustly banned"? That part must really be a joke from your end...
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