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I'm looking for human classes for a zombie server

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Old 07-10-2020 , 15:20   I'm looking for human classes for a zombie server
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Does anyone have classes from the description below, thank you in advance

1). Physician:
1LVL regeneration of HP to itself
7lvl grenade regeneration HP players (as smoke) regenit on 25khp in second all who in radius of, time actions 20sek
15lvl grenade antivirus (as like, threw in a bunch of snakes and they are people)

2). Technician
1lvl regen to yourself
5lvl bag, that with in store(with store bag to remove, to not was disbalance)
10lvl gun as on ksdm(only transparent to players passed) deals DMG 40units with 1 bullet

3). Demoman
2lvl gives a Bazooka, with a recharge of 1min and DMG 2K radius

4). Hunter
1lvl laser mine 2pcs (with the store mines to remove) DMG 40 per second
5lvl trap (2shtuki) slows down the zombie for 5sec
10lvl discard zombies on button E (as like, wave of, which ZM discards) 1 times for round of

5). Nano (flag A )
0 LVL Regen HP and armor
2lvl unrecognizability 5sec and once per round
5lvl take gloves, increased DMG
10lvl take a grenade shield, the action time is 10 seconds
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