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Is there a way to change SQL based plugin to nVault?

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Old 03-02-2022 , 22:06   Re: Is there a way to change SQL based plugin to nVault?
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Originally Posted by Alahmoh View Post
i dont want an external database nor webhosting to store my files so i would rather store data on nvault.
but since i know nothing about sql,sqlite i dont know how to change them to nvault.
Can you test this,
#include <amxmodx> #include <sqlx> #define MYSQL_HOST "" #define MYSQL_USER "" #define MYSQL_PASSWORD "" #define MYSQL_DATABASE "" #define MYSQL_TABLE "" new Handle:MYSQL_CONNECTION /* Id int SteamID var unique Nick var PlayedTime int LastSeen int */ new Id,     SteamID[32],     Nick[32],     PlayedTime,     LastSeen public plugin_init()     register_srvcmd("swap", "swap") public plugin_cfg()     MYSQL_Init() public MYSQL_Init(){     MYSQL_CONNECTION = SQL_MakeDbTuple(MYSQL_HOST, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASSWORD, MYSQL_DATABASE) } public swap(){     new query[64]     formatex(query, charsmax(query), "SELECT * FROM `%s`", MYSQL_TABLE)     SQL_ThreadQuery(MYSQL_CONNECTION, "DataOutput", query) } public DataOutput(failState, Handle:query, error[], errNum){     if(SQL_NumResults(query)){         while(SQL_MoreResults(query)) {             Id = SQL_ReadResult(query, 0)             SQL_ReadResult(query, 1, SteamID, charsmax(SteamID))             SQL_ReadResult(query, 2, Nick, charsmax(Nick))             PlayedTime = SQL_ReadResult(query, 3)             LastSeen = SQL_ReadResult(query, 4)             server_print("Id!%d SteamID!%s Nick!%s PlayedTime!%d LastSeen!%d", Id, SteamID, Nick, PlayedTime, LastSeen)             SQL_NextRow(query)         }     } }

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