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Projectile index's for "override projectile type"(280)

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Old 08-04-2016 , 19:17   Projectile index's for "override projectile type"(280)
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1 - Bullet
2 - Rocket
3 - Pipebomb
4 - Stickybomb (Stickybomb Launcher)
5 - Syringe
6 - Flare
8 - Huntsman Arrow
11 - Crusader's Crossbow Bolt
12 - Cow Mangler Particle
13 - Righteous Bison Particle
14 - Stickybomb (Sticky Jumper)
17 - Loose Cannon
18 - Rescue Ranger Claw
19 - Festive Huntsman Arrow
22 - Festive Jarate
23 - Festive Crusader's Crossbow Bolt
24 - Self Aware Beuty Mark
25 - Mutated Milk
26 - Grappling Hook

I assume that some or most of these only work on specific weapons (Like mutated milk being just for mad milk, probably). Alot of the projectiles don't work as intended, Cow Mangler shots are frozen, grenades have no forward velocity, and other things.
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Old 08-07-2016 , 13:04   Re: Projectile index's for "override projectile type"(280)
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Oh god. This saves me a lot of research. Thanks Deathreus!
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Old 04-05-2018, 00:02
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Old 08-30-2022 , 04:56   Re: Projectile index's for "override projectile type"(280)
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Where did you find these definitions? I'd like to check through the files and see if anything new was added in the years since (E.g. the Dragon's fury projectiles)
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Old 09-02-2022 , 10:31   Re: Projectile index's for "override projectile type"(280)
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Can be found in the pre-Jungle Inferno code leak. This list also fills in some missing ID values in the list in the original post.


The staging ones cannot be used in the game as staging code is not compiled into the public release build. Newer entries will have to be experimented with to be figured out. Or maybe try using IDA to disassemble the Linux server_srv.so file from the Linux dedicated server files and see if you can find the same g_szProjectileNames string array and read the new values.

Also, if you scroll down to the other array I highlighted, it shows which TF_WEAPON base each projectile type is for, so that should clear up that. Some projectiles can be used with other weapons.

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