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[L4D1] Prevent votekick exploit

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Old 04-14-2019 , 10:34   [L4D1] Prevent votekick exploit
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Valve has update to L4D2, not backported to L4D1.

Some user can use exploit to force votekick without vote (auto-mark all the checkboxes).

Does someone have this exploit or fix?

Setting a listener to the callvote command with returning Plugin_Stop in a callback does not help.

The black window does not appear (in the usual voting, it is intercepted by my vote plugin via CreateMenu), but the exploit somehow bypasses this restriction and displays such a black window already with marked checkboxes (according to one of the player's explanation).

PHP Code:
public void OnAllPluginsLoaded()

Action CheckVote(int clientchar[] commandint args)
    if (
args >= 2) {
        if (
StrEqual(s"Kick"false)) {
int UserId StringToInt(s);
            if (
UserId != 0) {
int target GetClientOfUserId(UserId);
                if (
target != && IsClientInGame(target))

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Old 04-14-2019 , 16:38   Re: [L4D1] Prevent votekick exploit
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hmm im not sure but maybe try monitoring all kicks or disconnects pre....check the reason in player disconnect event. im sure theres a way to fix it.
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Old 04-14-2019 , 17:10   Re: [L4D1] Prevent votekick exploit
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My understanding is that the exploit is that they're using callvote before their client finished connecting. As such, have you considered doing this instead?

PHP Code:
public Action CheckVote(int clientchar[] commandint args
    if (!

Edit: IsClientInGame might work as well
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