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Old 10-01-2017 , 10:12   Re: Bot Ping
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it should also show bot ping in hlsw, and would be fun if the score of the bots are climbing, lol
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Old 09-08-2018 , 18:00   Re: No. It's OK
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Originally Posted by NameUser View Post
It is not really a good thing for this to be fixed. It is because Valve is cracking down on these things, because they spoof player count, and it is 'harmful' to the community.

What do I mean by this?

Look below.
LOL I know this is a really old thread, but I am posting this as future generations who come across this, may benefit.

There's really nothing about lying or deception. Server browser of just about CS shows the bot tag or number. Just right click and enable it. Even if you just right click on the server info to see who are playing, it shows "-1s " for bots.

Bot ping is wrong only when used without mentioning the server has bots, esp in 5v5 pugs or warmod servers or any competitive game modes.
But it's just hilarious when used in DMs, GGs, & Pub servers. The reactions are priceless. These servers are more light hearted and I see no harm or deception in impersonating bots in this case. If you are noob enough not to figure out a server has a bot, then you probably should be bot pinged lol.

Moreover it depends if you want to be on Valve's master server list or not. As long as you are not on their list, you are not breaking their rules because they longer have any say on your server. I'd be happy for my "non-serious" servers to be on gametracker or setti lists. Lastly I'd like to thank alliedmodders for not taking down the plugin page completely. I saved both the page and the source code. A lot of tools, guis, skins and configs of that (CSS) era are vanishing. Those that are in active development are mostly Russian closed groups .

Btw I am sorta of on a copy pasta streak about my views on this plugin. Pardon me.

Have a Good Game.
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Old 09-08-2018 , 19:12   Re: Bot Ping
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Originally Posted by Dr. McKay View Post
Good news for everyone who doesn't have to lie to get players on their servers.
That's a quite righteous way of looking at it. I do agree with you. But that's only for competitive focused servers. I find this plugin more of a fun plugin than something to get players to play on a particular server. It's hilarious when you go through the auto recorded sourcetv demos and server chat log.

It is a game after all and this plugin doesn't cause any harm and can be easily countered by viewing the server info (something I do every time).

Let me tell you a story.

Little script kiddy Timmy just finished his dos hacking adventure and wants to play a game of CSS. But it's already midnight and no one is online. So he turns to the darker side of the net to exercise his hands. The next day the same repeats, but there's a server with 4 players on it (player number column). Timmy is excited and gets his hands a healthier exercise. He plays happily, feeling like a god against these noobs who just stand in front of him without shooting him. Then Jimmy joins, since the player limit is 3 another one of the old players are kicked, now Timmy, Jimmy & another player play together, having fun. Timmy & Jimmy are proud of their skill against this player who has half their skill.

Then Joe (Adult) joins and says they'd been having way too much fun against bots. Timmy calls Joe a jackass, coz he'd (Timmy) been playing against noobs with half his ping the whole time. Joe teaches how to verify if a player is a bot or a human and a thing or 2 in respect & manners. Tim & Jim are dumbfounded but enjoy a hearty laugh at how they were fooled but yet had fun. All 3 play with the bot happily ever after.

But wait, Timmy & Jimmy were egoisitic little elitist gold nova scrub jackasses who think deagles are for noobs and awps are for pros and most importantly think playing against bots is the end of the world. But this experience made them think playing against bots is OK. People join where they see other people playing. No one joins an empty server. Bots should be autokicked when players join, number of joined players = number of bots kicked. So if there are only 3 bots, then if 3 or more players join, there won't be any bots. If it wasn't for bot ping Timmy & Jimmy would not have joined and beautiful friendship of these 3 would have never occurred.

It's become a trend in our country to use bot ping on no steam servers. 99% of the time people are just amused when they find out it's bots they are playing against. Only one or two irritated tryhards complain every now and then.

This is a true story I experienced a few days ago. I was the Joe here.

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