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Bot Ping

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General Purpose
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    Changes the ping of a BOT on the scoreboard
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    Old 08-29-2007 , 23:47   Bot Ping
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    This plugin changes the ping of a BOT on the scoreboard.

    • bp_minping
      • Min. Ping
      • Default: "50"
    • bp_maxping
      • Max. Ping
      • Default: "75"
    • bp_interval
      • Interval in seconds
      • Default: "3"
    • 1.0.1
      • Release
    • 1.0.0
      • Test Release
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (bot_ping.sp - 24065 views - 1.9 KB)

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    [ www.mfzb.de ]

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    Old 08-30-2007 , 01:48   Re: Bot Ping
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    so they look more as a fakeplayer ^^

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    Old 09-03-2010 , 01:14   Re: Bot Ping
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    it doesnt work for me :s
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    Old 08-30-2007 , 03:38   Re: Bot Ping
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    Yeah but when you go through server browser they still display as -1, no way to change that?
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    Old 08-31-2007 , 08:32   Re: Bot Ping
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    This plugin combined with giving the bots real-looking name causes some funny responses. Either the players have no idea and call them hackers, try to talk to them etc or they know how bots play and are confused as to why someone would give them pings
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    Old 08-31-2007 , 13:25   Re: Bot Ping
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    Cool, approved.
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    Old 08-31-2007 , 13:34   Re: Bot Ping
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    the -1 is the playing time..i don't if it is possible to change their playing time.
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    Old 08-31-2007 , 14:34   Re: Bot Ping
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    HAAHAHAH NICE 1 mister players in my server gets confused alltime xD
    Hell was full, so i came back.
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    Old 10-20-2008 , 04:54   Re: Bot Ping
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    I got it, it works fine.

    Now there`s one thing needed to for totally confused Gamers:

    Is it possible to translate this for Sourcemod, cause I don`t want do use Eventscript.

    Or, if it`s too much work, make it much smaller with a few option`s:

    The Plugin scans the chatmessages for Keywords, when there`s a keyword in the Chat, the Bots answer.
    Do know what i mean?
    The Players allways say: XXXX is a BOT
    If somebody says this, the BOT answers: I`m not a BOT, I play CSS first time.
    Or when a BOT is dead, he sometimes says: rank, bet t all and so on.
    If somebody joins the Server, the BOTS say Hi!
    If the BOTS are killed with only one shot they say: Cheater, lucker and so on.


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    Old 08-04-2009 , 15:45   Re: Bot Ping
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    Hi. Thank you for this plugin. I am having difficulty in getting it to work, and hope maybe it's something as simple as where I have the cvars or something.

    - TF2 orangebox linux dedicated server
    - Current metamod:s and source mod installed
    - Your botping plugin initializes and is shown in the results of a sm plugins list command.
    - I put the cvars into my server.cfg file.

    The bot ping still says BOT, not an integer as we'd hope.

    Any ideas?

    SOLVED: I fixed this by adding the following to the source code at lines 49-50:

        else if(StrEqual("tf", szBuffer)) 
            strcopy(g_szPlayerManager, sizeof(g_szPlayerManager), "tf_player_manager");
    And it works a treat, now. Thanks again for the plugin.

    PS: I'd upload the changed version, but didn't want to do it without knagg's permission. Simple edit, only 2 lines, anyway.

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