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Bouncing bullets

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Old 11-27-2008 , 11:42   Re: Bouncing bullets
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Hi, sorry for bump.

I tested this and works, but it's annoing cuz i can't shoot thru walls (boxes, doors, etc). You can shoot thru objetcts only if the object is a entity (not solid).

I think it's possible to do checking the texture properties, but i dunno if it would work.

I found a bug too, when you're out of ammo, if you still attacking, the marks on the walls (after rebound only) still drawing.

Not errors, but more realistic:

At bullet hit under a corner from 90 to 45 degrees of a ricochet from a wall/floor will not be...
I'm new on this, if anyone here know how to fix these bugs (im sure) and post the fixed pluging it will be awesome, sorry cuz i can't do it myself.

Thanks a lot.

P: sorry my bad english

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Old 03-09-2009 , 08:33   Re: Bouncing bullets
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I don't know if anyone noticed it but bullets go through walls AND bounce... if a bullet is bouncing you should block it from going through the wall because then it will go two directions... and kill two people in diffrent places with one bullet

Also nice plugin man, adds alot of realism and fun

EDIT: oh, btw, there's a bug... bouncing bullets are calculated and shown (the beams with the cvar on also) when you have the weapon in hand and press the attack button... not when the weapon is actually shooting... so, you can shoot damageable bullets while changing or reloading weapons or by holding the attack button with a handgun, fires only once but the bouncing bullets still generate... however the fake bullets don't do any damage, that is good but you should recode the firing capture events

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Old 11-03-2009, 22:47
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Old 04-23-2014 , 17:01   Re: Bouncing bullets
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when i shoot to the walls My CS Game Crashing.

Please Help Me!
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