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[CS:GO/CS:S] Diam0ndz' Deathrun (v0.1.5, 5-20-19)

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    Customizable deathrun plugin for CS:GO and CS:S
    Old 05-20-2019 , 20:55   [CS:GO/CS:S] Diam0ndz' Deathrun (v0.1.5, 5-20-19)
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    Diam0ndz' Deathrun

    My goal is to make the most customizable Deathrun plugin for CS:GO(CS:S?) and to make it as enjoyable and compatible as possible.

    How it works:
    Similar to Course, CTs try to make it to the end of a course. However, there is a twist. A set amount of players get to be on the T side activating traps(if it isn't a freerun) to kill the CTs before the reach the end.

    sm_freerun - If on T side, initiates a freerun. A freerun is where the T gives a 'free round' to the CTs.
    sm_queue - joins the queue to become a T.

    dr_freerunenabled - Sets whether Ts may activate a freerun(Default: 1)
    dr_freeruncooldown - Amount of rounds a T has to wait before calling another freerun(Default: 3)
    dr_addtperct - For every additional set amount of CTs, add an extra T(Default: 15)
    dr_trounds - Number of rounds a T has to spend before getting switched back to CT(Default: 3)
    dr_autoctrespawn - Sets whether CTs should respawn if there are no Ts(Default: 1)
    dr_queuesystem - Sets whether the queue system should be used(Default: 1)

    v0.1.5 (5-20-19) Initial Release.
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