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; The following are Executed as HUD Message on All Clients Joining
"5555555" "Beware, {username} is gonna own ur ass!" "df"
"default" "Beware, {username} Is Armed and Ready!" "df"

Any way for this not to match my steamid to "default"?

It announces both, instead of the one selected for my steamid
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Anyone? Thanks
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For UAIO to match your steamID you have to write it in this part
; The following are Executed on Client with Matching SteamID

; Just incase I ever join/leave your server!  :D
"1857286"  "The Creator of UAIO Has Joined! Welcome {username}!"  "df"
"1857286"  "The Creator of UAIO Has Left! Bye {username}!"  "dg"
This was the example , now instead of "1857286" you will write your own steamID , but that doesn't look like a steamID so your asking where do i get that code that represents me , this way from your steamid like this one STEAM_0:0:1234567
you will copy the number i highlighted above from your original steamID , i will try it with my own steamID now
The numbers that i underlined are the numbers u want to know. I hope i helped
I Registered all my admins in the following mode wich is easier if they don't change their name
"3v0"  "Head Admin has joined the Server!!!"  "de"
"3v0"  "Head Admin has left the Server!!!"  "dg" 
"OpaSeN^"  "Admin OpaSeN^ Has Joined the Server!!!"  "de"
"OpaSeN^"  "Admin OpaSeN^ Has Left the Server!!!"  "dg"
"unsTo[P]abL3"  "Admin unsTo[P]abL3 Has Joined the Server!!!"  "de"
"unsTo[P]abL3"  "Admin unsTo[P]abL3 Has Left the Server!!!"  "dg"
"SentiNeL"  "Admin SentiNeL Has Joined the Server!!!"  "de"
"SentiNeL"  "Admin SentiNeL Has Left the Server!!!"  "dg"
"PaP3s"  "Admin PaP3s Has Joined the Server!!!"  "de"
"PaP3s"  "Admin PaP3s Has Left the Server!!!"  "dg"

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