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Admin Manager Python

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Old 09-20-2019 , 12:47   Admin Manager Python
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It is a simple manager for sourcemod admins and VIP

I was kinda free for few days so i decided to make this . This took me nearly 2 weeks and several mental breakdowns Special thanks to PYTHON Discord group for helping me a lot , 2 gud , cuz i started learning python like 1 month ago only , join them here - https://discord.gg/python

I know its a crappy software , but get the job done , you can just ignore it if you don't want to use it

How it works on LINUX ?

INSTALLATION :- (bare with my crappy english ;-; )

Dependicies : Python 3.6 or up for linux python3 - sudo apt-get install python3

Copy sm_vip.py , verify.py , verify_without_minus_day, shell.sh to you addons/configs folder

To add a VIP or first time installation :-

run sm_vip.py
.enter the details
Edit your shell.sh file with your path to verify.ph
.don't enter a string value in time , it will stop the program right away .If you using Linux enter this in your terminal of the machine
sudo crontab -e
Choose your preferred editor put this in the end :-

30 00 * * * bash path/to/your/addons/sourcemod/configs/shell.sh
to test if that works fine

*/1 * * * * bash path/to/your/addons/sourcemod/configs/shell.sh
check raw_time.txt file in next 2 minutes it should decrease 1 to the time

press ctrl + O and then enter to save press ctrl + x it should print :- crontab : installing new crontab


.If using Windows use task scheduler to execute verify.py


Note - I never posted something on this forum , so tell me if I am doing something wrong

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Old 09-20-2019 , 14:05   Re: Admin Manager Python
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Old 09-20-2019 , 14:35   Re: Admin Manager Python
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Releasing your stuff is perfectly fine, however, the plugin sections is only for plugins, like the big red box mentioned:

Since there are no SourceMod plugin(s) in your thread, I moved it to Snippets and Tutorials.
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