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New Translation Workflow

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Old 03-29-2023 , 20:17   New Translation Workflow
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Phrases for all languages have been moved into the repository and can be updated through pull requests.

The translation phrases used to be maintained by dedicated community volunteers through an online tool. While the tool worked well and served its purpose, it doesn't quite work with the current rolling release model. We couldn't add new phrases (looking at you, #597), since there was no process to gather translations and the existing solution saw little activity over the years. This led to rethinking how community translations are collected and resulted in putting the old translator tool down in favor of a Github Project tracking the progress.

With scheduled releases, it used to work like this: before publishing a release, the phrases were frozen and all translators asked to update the phrases. After they voted on the best translation for all phrases, they were exported and shipped with the next release. With a rolling release model, the 1.11-dev and master branches are always kept in a runnable state, so there is no time to stop and gather all translations before each commit.

Since we're using Github for most of the file related tasks already, just including all phrases in the repository and updating them through pull requests seems like the obvious choice. This brings the translation phrases one step closer to where most of the activity happens. To keep an overview of missing phrases in languages, we use a Github project which gets updated whenever a phrase file changes.

If you want to contribute to a translation in SourceMod, the new workflow is as follows:
  • Look at what needs to be done for your language in the Translation project.
    • Click on the language name in the card to open a detailed view.
  • Check the phrase in the english translation files.
  • Update the correct phrases file with your translation.
  • Open a pull request with your changes.

We still need your eyes to judge the new phrases in incoming pull requests. You can check the list of pending changes and comment on the languages you know.

At the time of this writing, not even a single supported language has all of the phrases translated! Let's go and change this!

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Old 03-29-2023 , 21:01   Re: New Translation Workflow
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Old 03-30-2023 , 06:44   Re: New Translation Workflow
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Oh wow, very nice
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Old 05-25-2023 , 11:12   Re: New Translation Workflow
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