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AMX Mod X 1.76b Released, AMD64 Discontinued

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Old 10-31-2006 , 20:44   AMX Mod X 1.76b Released, AMD64 Discontinued

AMX Mod X 1.76b Released
This is a small bug-fix release to the 1.76 branch of AMX Mod X.

This update affects small portions of the Base, Counter-Strike, and Day of Defeat packages. This time we are offering update packs for the base package only. To get full packages of this update, see the downloads page.
Base, 1.76 to 1.76b
Base, 1.76a to 1.76b

As always, make sure you read Upgrading AMX Mod X.

Click Here for the changelog.

AMD64 To Be Discontinued
It brings us sadness to say this, since AMD64 was one of our first big accomplishments with the AMX Mod X project. However, we have decided to to stop providing AMD64 builds. The source code base will continue to be AMD64 compatible in the event that Valve reverses their AMD64 support, so you will be free to compile your own 64bit builds.

However, we will not support the 64bit branch anymore. The reasons for this are many, but here are a few of the major ones:
  • Valve has been continually uncommitted to their AMD64 port. This is a huge disappointment, since they originally promised full compliance, and this caused many providers to buy 64bit equipment.
  • Valve has told users to stop using the 64bit binaries, as they have "no 64bit support," and clients "should use the 32bit binaries" (hlds_linux mailing list, Alfred Reynolds).
  • Valve has not updated AMD64 to the latest engine interface or VAC2. This leads to support problems for the AMX Mod X team when our own features cannot work.
  • There is no JIT available for AMD64 -- thus, there is a huge performance loss in choosing AMX Mod X 64bit over 32bit. Likely, the gain from using 64bit HLDS is lost when using non-JIT AMX Mod X.
  • AMD64 is currently estimated to be only 6% of the userbase.
  • Since Valve never released a real AMD64 compatible SDK, the only 64bit mod is Counter-Strike/Condition-Zero.
  • The method we chose to port to AMD64 was, in retrospect, flawed on a few different metrics. If we were to go back and do it again, the outcome would be very different (for example, there would be no dual compiler). The port exposes many design deficiencies in AMX Mod X.

And so, regretfully, our AMD64 port dies with the 1.76 branch. Moment of silence?

In the rare event that you have a specific codebase or system tied to AMD64, you can contact me ( [email protected] ) for a possible solution or migration. For general migration questions, feel free to PM me or post in this news thread.

If your server provider forces AMD64 usage, you should contact them and explain why they should revert or give an option. If that's not viable, you can always use older versions of AMX Mod X.

Note for providers/operators:
You can update Steam to get an updated hlds_run which disables AMD64 startups:
./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir .

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