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[Precache X] 512 Limit Precache Fix

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Old 03-09-2024 , 04:57   Re: [Precache X] 512 Limit Precache Fix
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Originally Posted by anssik View Post
If I understood correctly, this plugin works for both HLDS and ReHLDS which is good, right? The other plugin cited to be too similar for unapproval of this one only works with regular HLDS, correct? The other poster had a tone in his message like supporting both HLDS and ReHLDS is a bad idea, that only HLDS should be supported. Which is, of course, a stupid point of view.

More support = more better
Supporting HLDS is a must.
Supporting both HLDS and ReHLDS is fine.
Supporting only ReHLDS is not okay in most cases. The only exception when a ReHLDS-only plugin is acceptable, in my opinion, is when converting the plugin to regular HLDS is extremely difficult (for example, it requires advanced Orpheu code to substitute ReAPI).

So yes, more support = better. However, we require that regular HLDS is supported all the time, except when there is a very good reason why it can not be (easily) done.

In this case, the plugin made by Dexter is badly coded, hardcoded and has functionality issues. Please refer back to my original post. This is why this one was unapproved, not because it works with rehlds. If his plugin worked correctly and on top of that it worked for both HLDS and ReHLDS that would be a plus in my book, not a minus.

Lastly, yes, the plugin made by Jhob will only work by default in HLDS, but it should be possible to update the signatures and obtain ReHLDS compatibility. As such, I decided to keep the plugin that works correctly, is reasonably well coded, and works only in HLDS as opposed to the plugin that is horribly coded, and doesn't work correctly, but would run in both HLDS and ReHLDS (and fail to work correctly in both).

I hope this clarifies everything.

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Old 03-10-2024 , 08:43   Re: [Precache X] 512 Limit Precache Fix
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metamod modules are more convenient, there are plugins that do this task.
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