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[EXTENSION] Left 4 Downtown 2 ( - L4D2 Only, Updated Left4Downtown

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Old 01-14-2018 , 23:53   Re: [EXTENSION] Left 4 Downtown 2 ( - L4D2 Only, Updated Left4Downtown
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Originally Posted by kot4404 View Post
EDIT I was also getting literally ddosed by this extension, rofl, at some point in survival maps it started spawning random bots and instantly kicking them and the kicked bots were spawning shitton medkits and pills resulting in big laggy pile of medkits+pills and as the physics work strange in this game they were making micro movements all the time making this dark cloud effect around them ( meaning they collide ) making my cpu go to 100% and making whole server ultra laggy
That i'v saw before bots spawning and getting kicked without l4d downtown.

And I'v had a crash relating to melee weapons from time to time

Originally Posted by kot4404 View Post
You nearly guessed
but it has more things too but i'm not sure if these would exist if these first lines didn't appear

6	server_srv.so!CBasePlayer::PostThink() + 0xe3b
7	server_srv.so!CCSPlayer::PostThink() + 0xc5
8	server_srv.so!CTerrorPlayer::PostThink() + 0x81b
9	server_srv.so!CPlayerMove::RunPostThink(CBasePlayer*) + 0xb7
10	server_srv.so!CPlayerMove::RunCommand(CBasePlayer*, CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) + 0x6ce
11	server_srv.so!CBasePlayer::PlayerRunCommand(CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) + 0x9c
12	server_srv.so!CCSPlayer::PlayerRunCommand(CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) + 0x1d9
13	server_srv.so!CTerrorPlayer::PlayerRunCommand(CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) + 0x323
Do you even understand what a stack is? O.o
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