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Epic Invisible Man

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here is the invisible man plugin:

I have some new suggestions to make it more fun and epic.

now CT players can find the invisible man with smoke grenades

Every 10 seconds (can be changed via cvar), in the number of CT players, smoke grenades should spawn on the map randomly. (for example, if there are 5 players, 5 smoke grenades should spawn randomly on the map. but the number of existing smoke grenades [both on CT player's hands and on the ground] should not be more than the number of players)

the smoke grenades' smoke should be visible for 5 seconds (can be changed via cvar) after the explosion.

now Here is the main job:
if the invisible man passes the smokes, he/she would be visible for 3 seconds (can be changed via cvar), (he/she can be semi-visible like a ghost), so it makes a chance for CT players to hunt the invisible man. and the Invisible Man NOW should act more wisely

CT's weapon can be set via cvar. (for example, all CTs have M4 or pistols or scout etc)
Also, it would be perfect if we could enable/disable ultimate ammo (with reloading)
To Infinity n Beyond

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