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[Short Explanation] HL Unit sizes

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Old 10-28-2023 , 08:05   [Short Explanation] HL Unit sizes
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GoldSrc units are measured as inches.
For decades it was something that people never came into a common ground because it lacks some accuracy in-game. But it is not much hard to prove that units are measured based on inches.

A player entity is 72 units in height and the average human is 6 feet tall which converts to 72 inches.
And the 32 units wide that people struggle about is actually the waist of the player. And if you have a 32 inch waist, your size is a US-Size M or Euro-Size 42. That seems pretty normal to me.

So this is how you properly convert the units:
Feet = Units / 12
Meters = Units * 0.0254
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Old 11-02-2023 , 11:01   Re: [Short Explanation] HL Unit sizes
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Something like that https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...40&postcount=9
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Old 11-02-2023 , 11:31   Re: [Short Explanation] HL Unit sizes
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Originally Posted by EFFx View Post
Yes sir, that is correct. But some people don’t respect those measures because there was no confirmation that units are inches.
Many people used to struggle because the 32 inches wide would be way too big but in fact it’s just the waist size. Since this is a 3D game the height is measured from top to bottom but the width must measure the player’s radius waist and not just side to side.

This was just a short explanation and confirmation that hl units are in fact inches.

Some people are using some other random values like diving by 100 when this unit size should already be considered official and required on plugins that display meters/feet distance to players.
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