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Passing dynamic array of enum structs to functions

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Old 10-27-2023 , 05:28   Passing dynamic array of enum structs to functions
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So to begin with, I got a simple structure to help simply my code a bit, where there's a function accepting a dynamic array of enum struct:
PHP Code:
enum struct SDKCallParamsWrapper {
SDKType type;
SDKPassMethod pass;
int decflags;
int encflags;

methodmap GameDataWrapper GameData {
Handle CreateSDKCallOrFail(
SDKCallType type,
SDKFuncConfSource src,
char[] name,
SDKCallParamsWrapper[] params = {},
int numParams 0,
bool hasReturnValue false,
SDKCallParamsWrapper ret = {}) {
        static const 
char k_sSDKFuncConfSource[SDKFuncConfSource][] = { "offset""signature""address" };
Handle result;
        if (!
SetFailState("Missing %s \"%s\""k_sSDKFuncConfSource[src], name);
        for (
int i 0numParams; ++i)
        if (
        if (!(
result EndPrepSDKCall()))
SetFailState("Failed to prep sdkcall \"%s\""name);

Should be clear that SDKCall setups are really static, so the following style is preferred in my opinion:
PHP Code:
"a function",
        { {
SDKType_CBasePlayerSDKPass_Pointer} },
However, it will end up a compile error: must be a constant expression; assumed zero, as well as a warning: tag mismatch (expected "SDKType", got "SDKPassMethod"), from the same line.

I tried to correct any error I could find but not really there seems to be, and things get weird when the following compiles:
PHP Code:
SDKCallParamsWrapper params[] = {
gd.CreateSDKCallOrFail(SDKCall_EntitySDKConf_Virtual"a function"paramssizeof(params)); 
Although it looks clean but still requires a unique variable name.

I'm assuming there're still some issues with SM enum struct, or anyone could tell if I just messed up?
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