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CSDM2 2.1.3-KWo + YaPB 4.2 - Deaths causes massive lag on some levels, but not all.

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Old 09-17-2022 , 07:29   CSDM2 2.1.3-KWo + YaPB 4.2 - Deaths causes massive lag on some levels, but not all.
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Hey. So I'm trying to host my own server for my custom maps I'm working on. I'm starting and killing the server frequently testing stuff. I've got CSDM FFA running with YaPB on the server after some trial and error.

I finished my first map yesterday and made waypoints on it for the bots to work. I checked for errors and the only errors I get is that I haven't placed Important Waypoint and Map Goal waypoints, since there's no need for them as the maps are basically deathmatch maps. However, whenever there's a death there's this lag, a 0.5 second freeze or so. I tested some other maps to see if it was the server itself or the map.

I noticed that fy_pool_day, fy_dustworld, de_dust2 and fy_snow2010 worked flawlessly, no lag/freeze at all.

I also tried aim_map, cs_deagle5, aim_map_usp and my own map. They all cause lag/freezing on any deaths.

I've tried YaPB, PODbot MM, and CS Bot Enabler. They all cause these small freezes/lags. Since the maps I want to run on my server is small, there's a lot of deaths quickly so this freezing is really problematic.

The server is running on a rented VPS (Linode) using Linux (Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS, no DE - only terminal) and SteamCMD, and since it works flawlessly on some maps, but not others, I don't think there's an issue with the server performance.
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