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Looking for Zombie Plague Devs

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Old 11-16-2023 , 19:30   Looking for Zombie Plague Devs
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~~~!!! IMPORTANT !!!~~~
I am not 100% sure if this Thread is against the rules of Alliedmodders. If this thread is against the rules please delete it or let me edit this to *Against rules - Spam*.

Hello, i am currently looking for some developers and one promoter (not asking for boosting but promoting the server on viable pages like CS 1.6 Facebook groups who server shares are allowed) for a server i wanna create soon. The mod will be as the title states 'Zombie Plague'. I am a full stack web developer and i have some knowledge on Pawn and AMXMODX. People who have knowledge in Zombie Plague mod and are interested to join me please reply on this thread with "+". After that you add me on discord (discord tag: Critmedin). This is just a little bit of small information, please read down the full requirements and the Q/A.


Requirements to join the Developer team(0/x):

1. Effective communication
2. Demonstrate problem-solving skills
3. Have experience on PAWN/AMXX
4. Have experience on Zombie Plague
5. Have/Create a GitHub account
6. Have/Create a Trello account.
7. Have/Create a Discord account
8. Use Visual Studio Code as a source editor (not mandatory but we get to this later)


Requirements to join the Promoter team(0/2):

1. Effective communication
2. Demonstrate problem-solving skills
3. Knowledge on promoting servers
4. Connections in facebook groups/discord servers where promoting is allowed

1. Why are you creating a CS 1.6 Server?
1. Because i love CS 1.6 and i like to keep it as a hobby.

2. Will the Devs/Promoter be adding money/paying the server?
2. No, i will be dealing with all the payments of the servers.

3. Will the Developers have access on the FTP/Gamepanel?
3. Yes limited access.

4. How long are you planning to keep the server active?
4. My intention is forever but you never know if something happens.

5. Will there be more servers than the Zombie Plague one ?
5. Yes I am planning to open another server but not at this time, currently I am running only 1 War3FT server.

6. What will the other servers may be?
6. -Current Active Server: War3FT, -Coming soon: Zombie Plague, -Later on: SuperHero

6. Will we have a website for the servers?
6. Potentially yes if everything goes correctly i will create website running on .Net and React JS everything will be modern.

7. Will the developers/promoter be paid?
7. No, I am sorry but I am doing this out of my pocket by paying the servers and I do not plan to earn any money from the servers, if we earn anything the money will go towards the hosting.

8. What will the developers/promoter gain out of this?
8. Through our involvement in this project the developers and promoters will gain an accomplishment for implementing our skills together in the server management. Developers will be recognized within the server, showcasing their contributions and earning a AMXX Developer role on the Discord server. Additionally, they will enjoy privileged access to FTP/Gamepanel (as mentioned in Question 3) and full control over roles on the server.
Promoters, while not granted FTP/Gamepanel access, will receive due acknowledgment through a designated Promoter role on both the Discord and server platforms, along with access to server privileges.

9. Will this be like a 9-5 day job?
9. Obviously not since i cannot pay the Devs/Promoter this will be a fun project that we will manage it together. Flexibility is key, and we appreciate the dedication that each team member brings to this fun project.

10. Will the developers be tested for their knowledge?
10. Yes, i will give anyone who wants to join the team a small task to see where are they with their knowledge of Pawn/AMXX.

(If you have any other questions ask here)
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Old 11-16-2023 , 21:42   Re: Looking for Zombie Plague Devs
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