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Unapproved != Unapproved forever

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Old 05-27-2010 , 10:13   Unapproved != Unapproved forever
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Plugin authors:
If you have a plugin in this area, don't despair!

Common unapproval reasons and how to get approved

Unapproval Reason: Unfixed errors / Plugin unsupported

How to Get Approved:
Find and fix errors reported in your plugin. You aren't responsible for adding requested features; that's optional. You are, however, responsible for the plugin acting as described.

If you cannot figure out how a reported error has occurred, ask the reporter. If you cannot figure out how to fix it, ask in the scripting forum or the #sourcemod irc channel on GameSurge. If it is a behavior of the game that you cannot workaround, at least note the limitations of the plugin in the first post.

Unapproval Reason: Duplicates existing plugin functionality
The issue is that there already exists a plugin that has the same functionality of yours or a superset of it.

How to Get Approved:
Be different! Do it better! Add something that the similar plugin does not have.

After you have made any required changes
Post back in your plugin thread. Because of the very low volume of posts in the Unapproved section, it's very clear to see any activity

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