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Weapon models modifier System

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Ninja uwu
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Old 10-15-2020 , 22:30   Weapon models modifier System
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Hello good afternoon, day or night.
I would like to ask for help as I have some problems with a plugin dating from the following.
When I start the round of a Capture The Flag, I get the skin that I put in the new weapons menu, rather, I start with a skin that is not the skin of models /v_m4a1
If I, for example, do this in the menu:
{"Ak-47 Dragon Lore", "models/new-weapon/akdlore.mdl", "default", {0, 0, 0}, 0, 2.0, CSW_AK47},
At the time of starting the round, I do not appear with my default models, if not with the akdlore.mdl model, even if it is with a shotgun, smg, or some other weapon, it does not allow me to visualize the model of another weapon, only the akdlore one .mdl...
Another thing, when opening the normal weapon store and buying any primary weapon, it does not allow me to view the .mdl of the weapon that is.
Help pls...
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