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Entity Info (Pizzahut)

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Old 10-14-2020 , 06:46   Entity Info (Pizzahut)
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Originally Posted by pizzahut View Post
I wanted to find out where certain infos about sentry guns are stored in TFC, as things like the team and owner keys are *not* used for these. So I wrote a plugin that dumps all keys of an entity to console, except for the empty ones (value zero or empty string).

You need the engine module for this plugin.

Instructions: Look at an entity, press attack. You can use a melee weapon from a distance to avoid damage. A HUD message will come up with the number (id) of the entity, and informing you that more info is available in the console. To save the data, enter the command condump in console. This will write a plain ASCII file.


Btw, the condump command has a bug, where occasionally a single character is missing. Like this excerpt from above example is missing an underscore:
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