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[TF2] Weapon Reverts

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Team Fortress 2
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    Reverts nerfed weapons back to their glory days
    Old 09-09-2020 , 13:08   [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    TF2 Weapon Reverts

    This plugin reverts many fun weapons that have been nerfed over the years back to their pre-nerf states. Over 40 weapons are reverted in this plugin, a full list can be read below.
    Server owners can choose which weapon reverts they want enabled. For reverts that aren't straight upgrades, each player can also choose to disable them for themselves via a menu.

    List of Reverts
    • Airblast - All flamethrowers' airblast mechanics are reverted to pre-inferno
    • Air Strike - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, no extra blast radius penalty when blast jumping
    • Ambassador - Reverted to pre-inferno, deals full headshot damage (102) at all ranges
    • Atomizer - Reverted to pre-inferno, can always triple jump, taking 10 damage each time
    • Axtinguisher - Reverted to pre-love&war, always deals 195 damage crits to burning targets
    • B.A.S.E. Jumper - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, can redeploy, more air control, fire updraft
    • Baby Face's Blaster - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, no boost loss on damage, only -25% on jump
    • Beggar's Bazooka - Reverted to pre-2013, no radius penalty, misfires don't remove ammo
    • Bonk! Atomic Punch - Reverted to pre-inferno, no longer slows after the effect wears off
    • Booties & Bootlegger - Reverted to pre-matchmaking, shield not required for speed bonus
    • Chargin' Targe - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, 40% blast resistance, afterburn immunity
    • Dead Ringer - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, can pick up ammo, 80% dmg resist for 4s
    • Degreaser - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, full switch speed for all weapons, old penalties
    • Dragon's Fury - Reverted -25% projectile size nerf
    • Enforcer - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, damage bonus while undisguised, no piercing
    • Equalizer & Escape Plan - Merged back together, no healing, no mark-for-death
    • Eviction Notice - Reverted to pre-inferno, no health drain, +20% damage taken
    • Fists of Steel - Reverted to pre-inferno, no healing penalties
    • Flying Guillotine - Reverted to pre-inferno, stun crits, distance mini-crits, no recharge
    • Gloves of Running Urgently - Reverted to pre-inferno, no health drain, marks for death
    • Half-Zatoichi - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, fast switch, old honorbound, full heal, crits
    • Liberty Launcher - Reverted to release, +40% projectile speed, -25% clip size
    • Loch n Load - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, +20% damage against everything
    • Loose Cannon - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, +50% projectile speed, constant 60 dmg impacts
    • Market Gardener - Reverted to pre-toughbreak, no attack speed penalty
    • Pomson 6000 - Increased hitbox size (same as Bison), passes through team, full drains
    • Reserve Shooter - Deals minicrits to airblasted targets again
    • Righteous Bison - Increased hitbox size, can hit the same player more times
    • Sandman - Reverted to pre-inferno, stuns players on hit again
    • Short Circuit - Reverted to post-gunmettle, alt fire destroys projectiles, -cost +speed
    • Shortstop - Reverted reload time to release version, with +40% push force
    • Soda Popper - Reverted to pre-2013, run to build hype and auto gain minicrits
    • Solemn Vow - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, firing speed penalty removed
    • Spy-cicle - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, fire immunity for 3s, silent killer
    • Sticky Jumper - Can have 8 stickies out at once again
    • Sydney Sleeper - Reverted to pre-2018, restored jarate explosion, no headshots
    • Tide Turner - Can deal full crits like other shields again
    • Ullapool Caber - Reverted to pre-gunmettle, always deals 175+ damage on melee explosion
    • Vita-Saw - Reverted to pre-inferno, always preserves up to 20% uber on death
    • Your Eternal Reward - Reverted to pre-inferno, cannot disguise, no cloak drain penalty

    • !revert, !reverts - Open the reverts menu (contains the below two options)
    • !revertinfo, !revertsinfo - Print the above revert list to your console
    • !revertpick, !revertspick - Turn individual reverts on/off for yourself

    • sm_reverts__enable 1/0 (def 1) - Enable the plugin
    • sm_reverts__extras 1/0 (def 0) - Enable some fun extra features (currently includes: announce sandman moonshots to all players)
    • sm_reverts__item_{name} 1/0 (def 1) - Enable individual reverts (see spoiler below for full list)

    • Put reverts.smx in the plugins folder
    • Put reverts.txt in the gamedata folder

    • 1.0.0 (09-09-20)
      • Initial release
    • 1.1.0 (12-09-20)
      • Fixed the Ambassador lacking a headshot cooldown
      • Fixed the Soda Popper charging slightly faster than it should
      • Fixed the Short Circuit's alt-fire being completely silent for other players
      • Adjusted the Short Circuit's alt-fire hit detection to be more forgiving at closer range
      • Added a new cvar sm_reverts__extras to enable some fun extra features
    • 1.1.1 (12-10-08 )
      • Fixed the Half Zatoichi always having old honorbound even when its revert is disabled
    • 1.1.2 (12-10-18 )
      • Fixed the non-reverted Half Zatoichi not dealing one-hit kills to wielders of the reverted Half Zatoichi

    Notes & Known Issues
    • Enabling/disabling the plugin in the middle of a map may cause minor inconsistencies and is not recommended, use configs.
    • The ability to pick up dropped weapons can cause inconsistencies, so the plugin force-disables all weapon drops when it's enabled.
    • Running this plugin alongside other plugins that mess with weapon attributes like VSH may lead to unintended effects and is not recommended.
    • The Dead Ringer revert is not 100% accurate - original DR provided 90% incoming damage reduction for 6.5s, with damage taken reducing this duration.
      I have no way of knowing what the original duration reduction formula was, so I have replaced it with 4s of unconditional 80% damage reduction. The initial hit that triggers DR still has 90%.
    • The Short Circuit revert is not 100% accurate - secondary fire removes projectiles in front of you, can be used every 0.25s at the cost of 10 metal and deals 10 damage to players.
    • The Shortstop revert is not 100% accurate - the original did not have increased push force taken, but I decided to keep it because I think it's funny.
    • The Dead Ringer's speed boost sound still plays even when no actual speed boost is given. This is clientside and cannot be avoided.
    • The Sydney Sleeper's teammate extinguish mechanic is a bit janky since I had to recreate it manually.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (reverts.sp - 10 views - 86.7 KB)
    File Type: smx reverts.smx (38.4 KB, 7 views)
    File Type: txt reverts.txt (1.1 KB, 9 views)

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    Old 09-10-2020 , 01:39   Re: [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    Wow! Thanks for making this awesome plugin. I was looking for plugins which makes weapon balance pre-Jungle Inferno of TF2 but finally someone made this plugin publicly
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    Old 10-04-2020 , 02:45   Re: [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    Honor does not work properly even when revert Zatoichi is turned off.

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    Old 10-08-2020 , 03:52   Re: [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    Originally Posted by hode10001 View Post
    Honor does not work properly even when revert Zatoichi is turned off.
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    Old 10-17-2020 , 22:49   Re: [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    Old Zatoichi can kill normal Zatoichi at once, but normal Zatoichi cannot kill old Zatoichi at once.
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    Old 10-18-2020 , 08:06   Re: [TF2] Weapon Reverts
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    Originally Posted by hode10001 View Post
    Old Zatoichi can kill normal Zatoichi at once, but normal Zatoichi cannot kill old Zatoichi at once.
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