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lag in my server

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Old 08-03-2018 , 10:49   lag in my server
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i have 40mb speed download internet and i have upload speed 3mb and i have the last hlds bulid my pc spec 8gb ram and gtx 750 ti and intel core i3 4170 3.7GHZ i dont know why its ahve lag when one player come in in the server please help notice i have full game in steam
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Old 08-03-2018 , 15:42   Re: lag in my server
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You could at least tell us the info in the following:
HLDS Build Version.
meta list
If the server is Non-Steam or Steam Only.
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Old 08-07-2018 , 10:03   Re: lag in my server
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hello, u have a litle slow internet, for run steam servers chek:
Determining Optimal Maxplayers
The maxplayers setting should be optimized related to your uplink connection. If you are unsure of your uplink connection speed, go to any test internet website and run the speed test.
You will see two numbers, download and upload (or uplink).
Download is how fast you can get data to the server. Upload/uplink is how fast the server can send data out to players.
Basically for internet connections (bits/second):
128k uplink = 4 players (2 players for srcds)
256k uplink = 7 players (4 players for srcds)
320k uplink = 9 players (6 players for srcds)
512k uplink = 14 players (9 players for srcds)
768k uplink = 21 players (14 players for srcds)
1024k uplink = 28 player (19 players for srcds - note 16 players is max for HL2DM)
1140k uplink = 32 players (max for HLDS) (21 players for CS:S)
1708k uplink = 32 players for CS:S (max)
Your particular optimal setting may vary depending on your connection. Local players on LAN are not included in this count.
A good rule for HLDS is 35.6Kbits per player .
A good rule for SRCDS (Source Games) is 53.4KBits per player (about 1.5x more than HLDM).
Certain maps and MODs may take more uplink bandwidth.
This maxplayers setting also assumes you are running the following server rate limits (in the server.cfg file):
//minimum rate allowed
// use 5000 for SRCDS Servers
sv_minrate 3500

// no limit on maxrate for LAN only use 7500 for regular server
// this controls how fast maps can be downloaded by clients
//sv_maxrate 0 = unlimited
// Use 9999 for SRCDS servers
sv_maxrate 7500

// this is the minimum playable updaterate, leave this at 13
sv_minupdaterate 13

// 60 for updaterate is LAN ONLY use 13 for internet
// 20 is default but will cut the maxplayers you can handle in 1/2
// for SRCDS Servers use 30 - you might be able to use 20
// sv_maxupdaterate 60
sv_maxupdaterate 13

if u use Windows: recommended installing metamod plugin named: mmtimer(in Linux no need Linux have it automatic with start up command: -pingboost 3).
with that metamod plugin u can increase fps server to 1000, with command mm_timer 1 u increase cpu and Little more fps,recommend not playing in same machines hosting, because u increase cpu and internet power(u say 40mb u have ) for that mb u can open server with 12-15 max players for no laggin.

-------settings start up--------in YOUR SERVER.CFG: (recommended start hlds with bat file: console for -lag )

sys_ticrate 1200

fps_max 999999

sv_unlag 1

sv_maxupdaterate 60

sv_minupdaterate 30

sv_maxrate 0

sv_minrate 0

when server started change priority of the server to realtime.

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