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[L4D & L4D2] Lamps (1.5) [24-Oct-2019]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Spawns various Lamps.
    Old 02-28-2012 , 02:16   [L4D & L4D2] Lamps (1.5) [24-Oct-2019]
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    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    (1, 2, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    (Images thanks to disawar1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    • Selection of 39 lamps to spawn (few less in L4D1).
    • Save up to 32 lamps for auto-spawning (config saved to l4d_lamp.cfg in your servers \addons\sourcemod\data\ folder.).

    • alexip121093
    • disawar1
    • xioSlayer
    • Mr. Man
    • Recon-1
    • [Resistance] Yoshi
    • kaos
    • ilyaadminman
    • Herbie_06

    Known Bugs:
    • On occasion lamps cannot be broken. This seems to be a problem with entity outputs.
    • A maximum of 32 light_dynamic entities can light up the map at one time.
    • Plugins and maps which use light_dynamic entities, affect how many Lamps actually light up the map.
    • Lamps are FPS intensive. I would highly recommend that you do not exceed 20 Lamps per map, for this and the above reasons.

    Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag)

    PHP Code:
    sm_lamp            // Spawns a temporary Lamp at your crosshair.
    sm_lampset         // Will save temp lamps to the map. 0 args = save origin/angles/color/brightness. 2 args = sm_lampset <break|bright|beam|glow|halo|length|width|speed> <value>. 3 args = sm_set <R> <G> <B> (color255)
    sm_lampdel         // Removes the Lamp you are pointing at and deletes from the config if saved.
    sm_lampclear       // Removes all lamps from the current map.
    sm_lampwipe        // Removes all lamps from the current map and deletes them from the config.
    sm_lamprefresh     // Removes all lamps from the current map and reloads the maps config.

    // Examples of sm_lampset with 2 arguements:
    sm_lampset glow 0.2     // (Only works on types which have Beams, eg: Dropped, Floodlight, Generators, Spin, Police etc.)
    sm_lampset halo 50      // (Beam types) changes the halo around the source.
    sm_lampset beam 100     // (Beam types) affects the beam opacity.
    sm_lampset length 300   // (Beam types) length of the beam.
    sm_lampset width 40     // (Beam types) width of the beam.
    sm_lampset speed 100    // (Spin types, eg: Spin, Police.)
    sm_lampset bright 300   // (All types except TV, Generator3 and Emergency.)
    sm_lampset break 1      // (All types) 1 to allow breaking, 0 to disallow.

    // Examples of sm_lampset with 3 arguements:
    sm_lampset 255 0 0      // Sets the color to red. Changes may not be visible unless saved and refreshed.
    sm_lampset 255 100 10   // Another color... 


    Saved to l4d_lamp.cfg in your servers \cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

    PHP Code:
    // 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on.
    l4d_lamp_allow "1"

    // 0=No. 1=Yes. Lights can break when damaged.
    l4d_lamp_break "1"

    // Brightness of new lamps.
    l4d_lamp_bright "150.0"

    // The beam color. RGB (red, green, blue) values (0-255).
    l4d_lamp_color "250 250 200"

    // Turn on the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = all).
    l4d_lamp_modes ""

    // Turn off the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = none).
    l4d_lamp_modes_off ""

    // Turn on the plugin in these game modes. 0=All, 1=Coop, 2=Survival, 4=Versus, 8=Scavenge. Add numbers together.
    l4d_lamp_modes_tog ""

    // Prevent pre-caching models on these maps, separate by commas (no spaces). Enabling plugin on these maps will crash the server.
    l4d_lamp_precache "c1m3_mall"

    // -1=All, 0=Off, other value randomly spawns that many from the config.
    l4d_lamp_random "-1"

    // Lamps plugin version.

    1.5 (24-Oct-2019)
        - Added cvar "l4d_lamp_precache" to prevent pre-caching models on specified maps.
    1.4 (24-Oct-2019)
        - Added support for L4D1.
    1.3.1 (28-Jun-2019)
        - Changed PrecacheParticle method.
    1.3 (05-May-2018)
        - Converted plugin source to the latest syntax utilizing methodmaps. Requires SourceMod 1.8 or newer.
    1.2 (21-Jul-2013)
        - Removed Sort_Random work-around. This was fixed in SourceMod 1.4.7, all should update or spawning issues will occur.
    1.1 (10-May-2012)
        - Added cvar "l4d2_lamp_modes_off" to control which game modes the plugin works in.
        - Added cvar "l4d2_lamp_modes_tog" same as above.
    1.0 (28-Feb-2012)
        - Initial release.

    1. Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.

    Updating from 1.4:
    • New cvars have been added: use the Cvar Configs Updater, or delete the old cvars config or manually add them.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_lamp.sp - 68 views - 74.9 KB)

    Last edited by Silvers; 10-24-2019 at 19:07.
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    Old 02-28-2012 , 02:18   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Best plugin ever in l4d2 !!!
    Now everyone can improve the maps' lighting effects WOOOO
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    Old 02-28-2012 , 04:35   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Make the World Brighter!
    disawar1 aka raziEiL on: Sourcemod, GitHub, Bitbucket, DeviantArt
    > Grokking Algorithms!
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    Old 02-28-2012 , 20:46   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Hi Silvers,

    How do you get the menu to show on screen? I have the plugin loaded and set the cfg but I don't see any option for lamps when I open my admin menu.
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    Old 02-28-2012 , 22:56   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Old 02-29-2012 , 10:32   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Hello Silvers, is it possible to make this for l4d1 as well?
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    Old 02-29-2012 , 11:29   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Too long, missing models etc. I would have otherwise.
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    Old 03-02-2012 , 14:40   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Amazing plugin been using it these past days. Though if I may ask, how did you make one the lamps to "spin" around, since I noticed the entire prop rotated. Since I'd really like to do this for regular prop spawning to make for example: An obstacle course. (What part of code is this?)
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    Old 03-02-2012 , 15:01   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Search for "spin", 3rd hit...
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    Old 03-28-2012 , 19:56   Re: [L4D2] Lamp (1.0) [28-Feb-2012]
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    Silver, i want to change the color of the lamp i spawn in the menu, but i press "color" "red" "save" "refresh" and when i spawn again, it's white.
    Can you help me?
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