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[CS:GO] Achievements

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    Achievements for cs:go server
    Old 11-04-2019 , 19:51   [CS:GO] Achievements
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    Achievements CS:GO

    What is it?
    It's simple plugin for achievements on server for kills,assists,wins etc.
    Players can get achivement and use tags of that achvements.

    How to install?
    It's simple. Everything is in instruction in pack.

    Sourcemod 1.8-10
    Else are included in pack.

    How to use?
    There are only 3 commands:
    !achivements - main menu
    !stats - your stats
    !tag - tags menu

    "achievements_players", "2", "How many players for getting achievement?"
    "achievements_kills", "20", "How many kills for achievement?"
    "achievements_assists", "5", "How many assists for achievement?"
    "achivements_headshots", "5", "How many headshots for achievement?"
    "achievements_win", "10", "How many rounds wins for achievement?"
    "achievements_lose", "10", "How many rounds lost for achievement?"
    "achievements_plant", "5", "How many bomb plants for achievement?"
    "achievements_defuse", "5", "How many bomb defuses for achievement?"

    Download: Here

    - Make more achivements
    - Make more profits from getting achivements

    05.11.2019 - Relase version 1.0
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (Achivements.sp - 193 views - 21.0 KB)
    File Type: smx Achivements.smx (13.5 KB, 169 views)
    File Type: 7z Achievements 1.0.7z (587.7 KB, 239 views)

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