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Old 03-29-2020 , 02:10   FindEntityByClassName
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Hello when using FindEntityByClassName for example in this loop
PHP Code:
int ent MaxClients 1;
ent FindEntityByClassname(ent"trigger_multiple")) != -1)
How does this loop through all enteties with classname trigger_multiple.
Imagine it finding an entity at index 68 with classname trigger_multiple, When it reruns the loop it will still be index 68 so the loop will run forever with the same entity index
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Old 03-29-2020 , 02:14   Re: FindEntityByClassName
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Well Now that I noticed the word "The entity index After Which" in the API this means that if i choosed 65 it will search for the entity at index 66 and this makes sense. but then why did the creator of this make the starting entity MaxClients + 1 he should've only made it MaxClients am I right ?
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Old 03-29-2020 , 05:30   Re: FindEntityByClassName
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The thing is that MaxClients is always client index (you could often see it in for loops) so you can try to start searching from MaxClients.
And don't confuse it with MAXPLAYERS (which always equals to 65 because it's a macros), they're not same.
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Old 03-29-2020 , 05:52   Re: FindEntityByClassName
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Originally Posted by Nezur0s View Post
he should've only made it MaxClients am I right ?
You're right, when you pass -1 it starts at entity 0, so it should have been
PHP Code:
int ent MaxClients
to start at MaxClients + 1.
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Old 03-29-2020 , 06:15   Re: FindEntityByClassName
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The first entity after the clients is always the player resource entity.
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Old 03-29-2020 , 06:17   Re: FindEntityByClassName
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- While loop stop when FindEntityByClassname return -1

- You can start with variable int ent = -1;
but in your example, it just skip client indexs, 0 = console, 1 2 3 ...

- MaxClients is dynamic variable.
In old games you can set server max players, in server launch parameter -maxplayers 1 to 64.
It depends game, how many slot you can get, example TF2 have 32.
SourceTV add one extra slot also when enabled +1.

And If I remember right, CSGO game reserve all 65 slots for players but limit player count with different game modes (gamemodes.txt "maxplayers").
To stop this change of max players count, it can be force to keep max player count with -maxplayers_override
PHP Code:
public const int MaxClients;   /**< Maximum number of players the server supports (dynamic) */ 
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