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[NMRiH]Keypad Controller v1.1 (08-08-2014)

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Fun Stuff
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No More Room in Hell
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    Show player input code , set custom code
    Old 08-08-2014 , 10:44   [NMRiH]Keypad Controller v1.1 (08-08-2014)
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    • Keypad Controller
    • Show player input code to everyone
    • player or admin input any code to keypad may passthrough
    • admin can set custom code to specific keypad
    • sdn_showpass 1 //Show player input code
    • sdn_allpass 0 //input any code may pass
      • 1 = any player
      • 2 = any admin
      • 3 = only admin with root
      • Don't use this all the time in nmo map.....may cause some objective bug.
    • sdn_cospass 1 //admin can set custom code to keypad
    Command list
    • getcode - when input any code to keypad , print keypad original code.
    • setcode - input your custom code to set.
    Changelog :
    • 1.1 Initial release. (08-08-2014)

    Supported Language:English , Tchinese

    My NMRiH plugins : http://www.sourcemod.net/plugins.php...tion=&search=1

    PS. Sorry for my bad english....
    working on nmrih plugin:Multilingual Objective help , Respawn Control , Keypad Controller
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    File Type: txt SDC_Keypad.phrases.txt (1,009 Bytes, 182 views)
    My plugins
    Sorry for my bad English.

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    Old 01-02-2016 , 21:50   Re: [NMRiH]Keypad Controller v1.1 (08-08-2014)
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    I edited your plugin. When player enter correct code, Plugin display only message(not include correct code).
    Good job.
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